June 11, 2009

Fashion Icon

I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of the famous Velvet D'amour.  She is an amazing female icon in the BBW community but who has also broken boundaries into the main stream with participating in runway show's like for for Jean Paul Gaultier.  I remember when I first heard about it from my mom that a proper plus size woman walked down the catwalk in Paris, I think tears swelled up in my eyes.  A few days later I found out she was a member is Dimensions, a plus size online community, so I wrote to her telling her what a big fan I was and how I think she's an amazing and positive influence on women everywhere.

About a year later, I was in Paris with my friend James.   On a day of sight seeing we got off the wrong stop on the Metro and landed ourselves in an unknowing opportunity.  Walking down the street James noticed a MAC makeup store and suggests we stop there in order to cheer me up.  We walk in and there is one attendant and one plus size women getting her makeup done.  James and I talk about where he can go ask for directions while I look around.  I mentioned to him I thought the women in the chair was Velvet.  James wasn't convinced.  So he walked off  and left me to look.  She started to speak to me asking if I was american.  I told her yes, and she asked if I had ever seen the show Monique's Fat Chance.  Once again I said yes an
d how I loved that show!  She told me I should watch the upcomi
ng season because she was a judge on the show.  My heart started beating faster because I knew the answer to my question.  I asked who she was and she replied," I'm Velvet."  I think I actually jumped and said." I KNEW it was you!"  
We chatted for a while as her makeup was being done and James returned.  That was a fun one to rub in his face.  She told me before she left she would love to photograph me if I ever came back to Paris.  Well, being as star struck as I was, I was going to make sure that happened! 

Nearly 7 months later I was returning to Paris to visit and stay with Velvet.  Imagine someone you look up to, admire and think is totally amazing.  Then imagine being invited to stay in their home and them using you for a music video and multiple photo shoots.  I was on cloud 9.  

Fast forward to present day.  I woke up today to see a video from Velvet that she had posted on my facebook wall.  It's a video that once again pushes the boundaries like only Velvet can with fat, fashion and sex appeal.  I was fortunate enough to be in this video!  She took clips from our shoot and put them i

If you want to learn more about Velvet D'amour she has a Myspace page a http://www.myspace.com/velvetdamour .

She is my fashion icon, size advocator, muse and my friend.  All around, she's an amazing women.

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