June 04, 2009

My first attempt

I've become increasingly more interested in reading blogs lately.  People suggest a blog with subjects that I am interested in and I get hooked.  Recently a friend of mine posted a link to a tiny fashion prodigy whose blog is called Style Rookie.  Reading a blog by a 12 year old who has fashion wisdom beyond her years and far beyond my own comprehension was a great find and also a sad reality check that I do less with my time than a 12 year old who goes to school everyday.  

I have a passion for fashion.  I think I still have the first sketch I made for an outfit when I was in 4th grade.  Plus the 2 notebooks full of sketches from high school.  Mind you I didn't/don't dress like I follow fashion.  I was about to apply to 2 different  universities after high school with a fashion program, but with money being tight, I decided against it.  Now, in 2009, I am still very plus size at a luscious size 32 and I still feel fashion is a large part of my life.  I sit up till 3 am looking at fashion sites with the latest sets from designers shown in Paris, London, NY and LA.  

My goal for this blog is to post about anything I feel I want or need to rant on related to size acceptance, size positivity and plus size fashion.  Also since I have been getting back into sewing again, I want to post pictures and snippets about the clothes I am creating.  I am forever learning new things about sewing and fashion and I hope you all enjoy at least one thing in my posts.

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