June 08, 2009

Sad Sewing Day

Man, this was not a good way to end a rather productive day with my sewing project.  I woke up at 7:30 on my own without an alarm clock.  So much fun I tell you.  But I decided to go ahead and start my day early making headway on my hoodie.  Everything had been measured, cut and pinned together.  It's current state is actually as the tutorial described it.  An ugly vest.  As I am making the pockets my needle on my machine breaks.  Thankfully whatever part broke off hit my eyelid and not my eye.  I was replacing the needle as quickly as I could so I wouldn't have to break my stride for too long.  But as soon as I started sewing again I realized this wasn't going to work.  The needle wasn't going down at all.  I tried manually moving the needle but there was quite a bit of resistance from the machine.  I haven't found anything wrong with it from what I can see.  So at this moment my machine is out of service.  Perfect timing considering my last class is tomorrow night.   Montavilla here I come. 

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