September 20, 2009

Well it sure has been a while since I updated. But fortunately for me, I have done lots with my time since. Projects I have been working on include several bathing suits, 2 of which were sold at a local boutique called Fat Fancy here in Portland, 2 skirts, a hoodie, a reconstructed shirt and the beginnings of a tutu. I have pictures of most of my projects and hope to by the end of the day, add a shirt to the list of finished items.

Along with side projects and I was taking a summer class at PCC. Apparel sketch and desing. It was such a great class. My teacher was very knowledgeable and had us working at a great pace. I learned so much, like how to draw a proper fashion croquis to use for my personal designs. I took the skills I learned in that class and combined it with a few of my beautiful friends and made them into real plus size fashion croquis. The industries plus size croquis still dont hold a candle to the size of woman I want to represent in my designs. So I made some in the image of my friends who are plus size models above a size 24. I have Courtney as the "pear", Katie as the "apple", Jen as the "hourglass", and myself as "papple" (big everywhere). Just so when I have a design in mind I can better design around girls who I want to wear my clothes. If I design on a size 16 model, how can I expect to understand how it will fit on a 34? I will post up pictures of them once I have finished them.

My next project is to make a Princess Jasmine costume. I found as close of a pattern for a similar outfit and figured I could adjust what I needed. The biggest time consumer is upping the size of the patterns. Once those are done, sewing seems like a piece of cake. Mmmm, cake. So I will do my best to keep updating as often as I can. Though I am in a class this fall term, there is no design or sewing required. It's more of an overview of fashion design, following trends, marketing. It should be very interesting.