December 10, 2009

I obviously am not the best with keeping up on my blogging even though time and time again I say I will be better. This term I didn't end up taking the class I was signed up for at PCC for the fashion design program. It wasn't a good fit for me. Which is fine. I would rather focus time and energy on making clothes in my spare time. Next term I am hopefully going to be taking beginning pattern making and beginning draping. I am excited about both of these. I feel like my skills as a sewer have grown so much this past year. I went from telling people I like to sew and rarely ever having anything to show for it, to making, altering, sizing up, and designing my own clothes. I am living the life I wanted. I may not be an international fashion designer changing lives and having my clothes shown in NY and Paris, I am doing what I love and being able to make and sell a few items has made my year more than worth wild.

I don't think people put their goals first enough. There are always excuses for why we don't make the time to do what makes us happy. These days we have so many distractions from the endless hours of TV shows we need to keep up on, to the internet that will literally turn us into zombies. Add in a full time job and sometimes kids, and where is the time right? Life is all about priorities and if you want to learn something, do something or be something that only thing ever holding you back is yourself.

I've been posting on facebook a lot about goals, projects and things I have and still want to accomplish. My goals for next year aren't clear yet, but I will blog them once I know what I expect of myself in 2010.

Another update, I got engaged!! Nov 11th