December 14, 2010

Here comes the big bride!

Well screw Picasa. Every time I try to post decent sized photos of my projects they show up tiny on here. I just focused more on getting a nice background on my blog. It finally worked! I think it looks rather snazzy.
But enough about that! I have some pictures to share with you on a project that I am rather proud of. I was planning my wedding earlier this year and with that I wanted to design my own wedding dress. I sketched one out and ran it past my friend Barb who said she would come up to Portland from Texas and sew it for me as long as I helped and paid for the fabric. Umm YES!! My dream dress was coming to life! It wasn't till about June this year that I looked through my old notebooks and found a sketch of a wedding dress I did when I was 17. I had not looked at my notebook in 10 years... 10 years! They were SO similar! The same full skirt, peaks at the top of the corset. I knew it was meant to be when I saw that. So here are some pictures from the finished dress. Black and white dupioni silk, black piping along the top of the corset and a black and white plaid for the bottom of the dress and at the waist. 1 week, 2 cranky fat ladies, 100 degree weather and working till the wee hours daily and this is the final project.
Also to add, since I've been asked a few times about it. I made the bouquet with upside down black and white christmas ornaments hot glued to little wooden pegs and put into a plastic bouqet holder with added feathers and black tulle.


  1. That wedding dress has the wow factor and that bouquet - how creative and clever is that! And YES - I totally agree w/ your blog name - purple is my favorite color (I even had a purple wedding cake!)

  2. I just adore your wedding dress.
    Also, you and your honey are so cute together, I could just gag. :D In a good way, of course.

  3. You are so talented. Your dress and bouquet are insanely beautiful. You looked sensational in your dress.