December 05, 2010

Recent Work

Some of my most recent projects!

1. Turquoise and Checkered Tank Dress. I made this all from scratch. No patter, just traced an existing tank top I had and the rest was guess work. So I will pretty proud of it. The belt around the wait is 3 inch wide black elastic. When I made the skirt I looked at it and it was too busy, so I made some pockets with contrastingbows to try and add just the little bit of color to break it up. I think it worked.

2. Silver One Sleeve Dress.I started this one from a basic t-shirt dress, sized it up, took what I learned from my pattern design class and cut one of the arms off all together. I also made the sleeve long and with gathering at the top. The initial goal was for a large over the top poofed out shoulder. But with time constraints and limited fabric I didn't want to push my luck. I still like how it turned out.

3. Rose & Houndstooth Print Leggings. Once again I took a basic leggings pattern, sized it up to a 32 and used this fun print. I originally bought this fabric thinking it was a jersey knit, but it showed up as a thin spandex like fabric. Without letting it go to waste, leggings was the best idea to use it up.

4. The Cage Skirt. I saw a similar skirt like this on a plussize clothing site selling for over $80. I could no fathom spending that amount of money on what was basically black elastic. So I
bought a bulk roll of 3 inch elastic, measured myself at the waist, hips, mid-thigh and knee. Cut the measurements minus 3 inches (it needed to be tight), pinned it together and sewed the pieces together accordingly.

5. Gold Chain Topper. Easy as pie. Buy yards and yards of chains, get wire cutters and pliers. Draped them accordingly to what I wanted. Took me all of about 30 minutes. The hard part is if you do it by yourself, getting all the draping exactly to the right lengths. Large mirrors become your best friend at that point.

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