January 13, 2011

Sewing Gods, Hear My Prayer

I just took my first draping class on monday night. I was actually kind of angry the first class fell on the same date as the Duck's National Championship game, but I still managed to catch the last quarter of it where all the real sad action was. But enough about that. The class was amazing! I walked in and of course was the first one there. I always am. I have this major hang up about being late for anything. The teacher was this petite brunette with an adorable black and white long sleeved cardigan and a simple black dress underneath. I always try to figure out if anything my teachers are wearing could be something they made themselves. I waited and finally more women started to show up. There is always, without fail, a young dark curly haired, hipster girl with glasses in my class. Never the same girl either. As it hit 6 o'clock we found out we were suppose to have 6 people there but only 5 had actually shown up. I got a little worried since this has happened before and it always ends up canceling the class. Our teacher didn't let it bother her and proceeded anyway. Fun for us to find out none of us had a syllabus, supply list or materials for the first class like we were suppose to. Way to go PCC with keeping the paying students informed. Our teacher just decided to roll with the punches. We would just watch and take notes. She's a first hand seamstress for the Portland Opera. (swoon) Such an amazing job. I loved the way she taught. Very specific, thorough, and was able to answer anything we threw at her in the first hour.

7 pm rolls around and she asks if we need or want a break. One of the women stands up and says. "You know what, I was going to have to choose between this class and a thursday class for sewing and I just think thursday is going to work better for me." Got up and left. That whore! Yeah 4 people left. Now I have an even bigger feeling this class will not last. GUUUUHHHH!! I loved it so and I've only attended it for 2 hours so far. Sad face to the max.

I would say ok thats enough of my complaining and I will just move on, but no. I have tried to take this damn class 3 times now. Never have I even gotten this far to the first class. It's always canceled from the get-go du to lack of enrollment. I left class that night inspired and ready to start new projects! This is what I have been waiting for. With no stimulation for my interests I just lack the want to actually create. This was perfect and something I wanted and need to know about if I want to bring my design skills to the next level.

Here is my prayer to the Gods of Sewing. "Dear Gods Of Sewing. I ask of you to keep my glass going. (hey that rhymes). I want to make some fabulous clothes and need to know how to get my draping on if I want to do well! Please keep this class open. PLEASE!! Amen."