April 28, 2011

This Zipper Will Work When Pigs Fly

I bought some fabric off Ebay a while back and loved it so much that I put in for another order right away.  I made a shrug pattern the other day and knew I wanted to use this adorable flying pig fabric and maybe even make some matching panties.  I took some pink jersey knit I had from a long time ago to line the hood and make the cuffs on the arm.  But when I went to put the zipper on I encountered a problem.  One side of the shrug would stretch and not match up.  I redid the zipper 3 times and it only ended up making it worse.  I may try again with another cut of fabric and pray once again to the sewing gods, that seemed to work last time. ;)   The mini shrug itself didn't turn out too bad as a whole.  As long as you can't see the bottom of the zipper where it doesn't match perfectly.  I'm keeping it for myself since I don't mind the mistake and using it for a set for my modeling along with the matching sexy panties I made.  Here are a couple of pictures of me in the shrug hoodie.  I love it sooo much!  WAAHH!  Why won't it just effing work?

Dress Rehearsal w/ a Size Queen

So as I posted before I entered my friend Crystal and I into a fundraiser fashion show.   Tonight was the dress rehearsal and the show is this sunday.  Crystal and I spend the afternoon getting her pumped up and practicing her model walk for the big event.  It was an awesome and laugh worthy time.  Once we got to the event in the evening we noticed there were only 6 fat girls there out of 109 people.  3 of us were designers and our 3 fat models.  One of the other designers is Portland's own Bertha Pearl who owns and designs for Size Queen.  A great fat boutique that has developed an amazing following and customer base. This is a woman I planned on contacting just to pick her brains about being a plus size designer and there she was!  My friend Livvy (one of the fat models) mentioned I'm designing clothes for my own shop soon and Bertha told me about the second Fat Fashion show she's putting on with the ladies from Fat Fancy.  She said if I contact her after this coming show I could participate in it if I wanted with some of my own designs!  AHHHHH!!!!  Little excited here.  I'm not sure if I can pull it off  time wise but I'm going to try.  I would need models, more fabric, and to work my ass off on top of making clothes for the Etsy shop I want to open soon too.
Speaking of, I am calling my soon to be shop Chubby Cartwheels after my Tumblr page.  I will be selling leggings, skirts and some hoodies to start.  Then some hair accessories and Big Body Hottie buttons.  I AM SO EXCITED!!  I have wanted this since I was 17 and after living my life, making excuses, saving money and getting my ass in gear it seems things are falling into place.  I'm very grateful and thankful to everyone who supports me and gives me positive encouragement.  MUCH LOVE!

Bertha of Size Queen.  When large is just not big enough.  http://www.bigboxers.com/

The space for Modified Style Fashion Show
                                         Crystal with random big ball

                                           Big Ballz up in huuur

April 16, 2011

Thrift, Cut, Sew

Yesterday while my husband was out on the first day of shooting, I took full advantage of the office and apartment to myself.  If he was gone working, I too would focus on the projects I needed to get done. The first project completed was a dress.  When I visited Fat Fancy a while back my friend found in the bargain bin this stretchy, black sequin tube garment.  My guess is it was taken off the bottom end of a top since there was bits of cut fabric still attached.  It was only 2 bucks and I knew I could make something fun with it.  I went through my fabrics when I got home and had this pink, green and black plaid that I bought from a fabric warehouse I worked at 5 years ago.  Sequins on top, plaid for the bottom.  It was prefect!  This is what it came to look like in the end.

Being in the sewing mood, I grabbed some of my new fabric and made the jacket shrug I had been wanting to start for a while.  It's the only bit of the new fabric I'm allowing for me to keep.  This is why I bought 6 yards of this fabulous stuff, just a little more for me.  The fabric is light and perfect for this summer.  The sleeves slide up easy so it will work for cooler and hotter days.  I actually made an army green shrug with this same pattern before.  It was one of my first projects when I got serious about sewing years back.  Simplicity pattern 2773.  I should add that yes, thats a skirt I'm wearing pulled up to my bra.  I'm a classy girl like that.

Lastly to share, I started working on some Wonder Woman style leggings the other day.  I bought some fabric for a girl who wanted a WW bathing suit years ago.  She canceled after I already bought the fabric so I kept it as I knew I could make use of it later on.  So here be the start of WW inspired leggings.  I do need more red fabric though, so hopefully they will be completed very soon.

April 10, 2011

Hunting and Gathering

So my main goal for 2011 has been to start making clothes to sell.  My biggest problem in the past besides lack of discipline was lack of funds.  Contrary to what my husband thinks, it costs a fair bit of money to make about 12 pieces of clothing.  SO I have been saving money, buying bits of fabric here and there and I think I have come to a point where I have a good amount to start with!  I have a real thing for stretch fabric since I'm a chubster and I enjoy movement in my clothes.  I have a tons of stretch knit fabrics, a few spandex pieces and some stretch denim.  Put it all together you have a rather wild mix of fabrics that will hopefully get my shit in gear.
I have decided that I will make 3 pairs of leggings (at least), 3 hoodies, 2 dresses, 3 skirts, 2-3 tops, 2 bathing suits and some panties.  A tall order considering I still feel new to all this and I'm still getting my polishing skills down.  I have to take all my fabrics I'm going to use,  match them to which piece of clothing I'm making them into, find the patterns and figure which sizes will be the best bet.  Also figure out how much everything will cost.  Thats the shit part.  I don't want to over charge and come off as some chick who thinks her shit dont stink.  But I also don't want to lose money.  So much to do!
Here are some of my fabrics I have obtained over the past few months and a few links to where I got them!

Fabric Junkeez
Fabric Depot
Joann Fabrics

Bows Abound

Whilst still on a quest to make some fabulous plus size fashion, I've been  bitten by the crafting bug it seems.  I can't find enough tutorials and DIY pages to take inspiration from.  Plus knowing so many fabulous ladies who are equally obsessed with these doesn't help... or I guess it would help.  Recently I am crazy for bows.  Bows from ribbon, fabric, even sparkly foam sheets.  Here are some of the creations I have made lately and the video tutorial at the bottom of the post that helped me make them!

Measuring Tape Bow

Peach Ribbon w/ a Navy Ribbon stripe Bow

Hello Kitty Hair Clip

Sequin Bow and Floral Bow!

April 09, 2011

I don't work well during school

... On personal projects.

I just finished my draping class and I didn't want it to end.  I loved my teacher and everything she had to give us.  The remaining 3 people.  My dress sadly didn't make it to onto the dress form because I didn't realize the zipper needed to go down further in the back, so my teacher, being the slim lady she is happily tried it on.  It's not the best looking piece on her since it's too big for her and the picture was taken with my camera phone.  But I will post some flat pictures of the dress do you get a better idea of it.  I have pictures of the process of making it in class as well.

Right now I am working on the plus size version of this same dress for my friend Crystal to wear in a fundraiser fashion show I entered into.  Each designer entered got a paper grocery bag full of random bits of fabric and can make whatever they want for their model of choice.  I jumped at the opportunity and have been working hard draping my real life model.  It's so different from working on a dressform to working on a live person.  A person with curves, who is not identical on each side, and who moves.  But its been fun!  here is my final product.  Though we took the pics before realizing it needs to be taken in in the bust and in the back a bit.  But this is the idea.  The night of the show it will look amazing with tons more gold jewelry and wild makeup!