April 28, 2011

Dress Rehearsal w/ a Size Queen

So as I posted before I entered my friend Crystal and I into a fundraiser fashion show.   Tonight was the dress rehearsal and the show is this sunday.  Crystal and I spend the afternoon getting her pumped up and practicing her model walk for the big event.  It was an awesome and laugh worthy time.  Once we got to the event in the evening we noticed there were only 6 fat girls there out of 109 people.  3 of us were designers and our 3 fat models.  One of the other designers is Portland's own Bertha Pearl who owns and designs for Size Queen.  A great fat boutique that has developed an amazing following and customer base. This is a woman I planned on contacting just to pick her brains about being a plus size designer and there she was!  My friend Livvy (one of the fat models) mentioned I'm designing clothes for my own shop soon and Bertha told me about the second Fat Fashion show she's putting on with the ladies from Fat Fancy.  She said if I contact her after this coming show I could participate in it if I wanted with some of my own designs!  AHHHHH!!!!  Little excited here.  I'm not sure if I can pull it off  time wise but I'm going to try.  I would need models, more fabric, and to work my ass off on top of making clothes for the Etsy shop I want to open soon too.
Speaking of, I am calling my soon to be shop Chubby Cartwheels after my Tumblr page.  I will be selling leggings, skirts and some hoodies to start.  Then some hair accessories and Big Body Hottie buttons.  I AM SO EXCITED!!  I have wanted this since I was 17 and after living my life, making excuses, saving money and getting my ass in gear it seems things are falling into place.  I'm very grateful and thankful to everyone who supports me and gives me positive encouragement.  MUCH LOVE!

Bertha of Size Queen.  When large is just not big enough.  http://www.bigboxers.com/

The space for Modified Style Fashion Show
                                         Crystal with random big ball

                                           Big Ballz up in huuur


  1. I am so happy after reading this post! Love the name! It makes me think of a great song by Betty Blowtorch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqPRsehOSs4

  2. I will totally be watching your page for when your shop opens- I love buying handmade hoodies!

    I really like bertha's skirt. It's really cute.

  3. Really happy I found a blog about sewing clothes for fat ladies. I'm trying to teach myself how to sew to be more self-sufficient and save some money, starting with my daughter's clothes. Super awesome you're about the same size as me and I live just outside of Portland too!

  4. It is truly amazing how people come into your life just when you're about to do something incredible...and you are! Stay focused and if you need a cheerleader, well, you have me! I know you can do it! Anytime you're feeling overwhelmed, just picture me on your shoulder (shrunk down obv.) cheering you on! You can do it! Also, please tale a kajillion pictures to share with us here. Rock on!

  5. yay! i am so excited that you connected with Bertha and that a show is coming out of that connection! you are so talented and i can't wait to have a chance to purchase and sport your rad clothing! we are so blessed to have your talent here in p-town! see you Sunday. xo.