April 09, 2011

I don't work well during school

... On personal projects.

I just finished my draping class and I didn't want it to end.  I loved my teacher and everything she had to give us.  The remaining 3 people.  My dress sadly didn't make it to onto the dress form because I didn't realize the zipper needed to go down further in the back, so my teacher, being the slim lady she is happily tried it on.  It's not the best looking piece on her since it's too big for her and the picture was taken with my camera phone.  But I will post some flat pictures of the dress do you get a better idea of it.  I have pictures of the process of making it in class as well.

Right now I am working on the plus size version of this same dress for my friend Crystal to wear in a fundraiser fashion show I entered into.  Each designer entered got a paper grocery bag full of random bits of fabric and can make whatever they want for their model of choice.  I jumped at the opportunity and have been working hard draping my real life model.  It's so different from working on a dressform to working on a live person.  A person with curves, who is not identical on each side, and who moves.  But its been fun!  here is my final product.  Though we took the pics before realizing it needs to be taken in in the bust and in the back a bit.  But this is the idea.  The night of the show it will look amazing with tons more gold jewelry and wild makeup!

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