April 16, 2011

Thrift, Cut, Sew

Yesterday while my husband was out on the first day of shooting, I took full advantage of the office and apartment to myself.  If he was gone working, I too would focus on the projects I needed to get done. The first project completed was a dress.  When I visited Fat Fancy a while back my friend found in the bargain bin this stretchy, black sequin tube garment.  My guess is it was taken off the bottom end of a top since there was bits of cut fabric still attached.  It was only 2 bucks and I knew I could make something fun with it.  I went through my fabrics when I got home and had this pink, green and black plaid that I bought from a fabric warehouse I worked at 5 years ago.  Sequins on top, plaid for the bottom.  It was prefect!  This is what it came to look like in the end.

Being in the sewing mood, I grabbed some of my new fabric and made the jacket shrug I had been wanting to start for a while.  It's the only bit of the new fabric I'm allowing for me to keep.  This is why I bought 6 yards of this fabulous stuff, just a little more for me.  The fabric is light and perfect for this summer.  The sleeves slide up easy so it will work for cooler and hotter days.  I actually made an army green shrug with this same pattern before.  It was one of my first projects when I got serious about sewing years back.  Simplicity pattern 2773.  I should add that yes, thats a skirt I'm wearing pulled up to my bra.  I'm a classy girl like that.

Lastly to share, I started working on some Wonder Woman style leggings the other day.  I bought some fabric for a girl who wanted a WW bathing suit years ago.  She canceled after I already bought the fabric so I kept it as I knew I could make use of it later on.  So here be the start of WW inspired leggings.  I do need more red fabric though, so hopefully they will be completed very soon.


  1. WOW! You do amazing work and I really like your style. Can I pay you to make me some swimsuits? I tried to find your direct email but didn't have any luck. Mine is wojcie19@msu.edu

  2. I love, love, love this shrug, can you post a pattern?

    thanks kerry

  3. I love your work.

    You are so rad and brave. I am jealous. :)

  4. completely hot and stunning lady with sexy dresses !!

  5. Perfect shaped and beautiful goddess!

  6. You are my new fashion icon! I love your confidence! :D