May 05, 2011

Modified Style Fashion Show (Pic Heavy)

May 1st the Modified Style fashion show took place at Disjecta in Portland Oregon.  Bringing together artists, designers, dancers and DJ's all to raise money and awareness for 3 local charities.  Out to Pastures Sanctuary, Sisters of the Road and CHAP- Children's Healing Art Projects.  All amazing organizations that I was so happy to help raise money for.
The day of the show was hectic to say the least.  I went to Crystal's to prep her makeup and give her a lift to the event.  We had a makeup/hair time slot at around 3:30 but I had no idea what the exact time was.  So we decided to get there early.  Good thing too.  The schedule had been thrown out the window and it was all first come first serve with these amazing yet possibly overwhelmed stylists.  We managed to get Crystal in soon after we got there with the head hair stylist and she knew exactly what to do with her.  CRIMP!  Big hair with crimping and the hair clip I made to match the dress.

Next it was on to makeup.  The makeup artist Crystal got was amazing.  Full of energy and wanted a chance to just get creative.  I'm guessing lots of people knew exactly what they wanted.  I said I didn't care as long as she still had at least a smokey eye effect.  This is the look we very happily ended up with.

Then of course the final touches.  The dress and shoes.  We were lucky to have this amazing graffiti wall right outside of the front door to the building.  Perfect backdrop for some outside poses of Crystal doing what she does best.  Drinking and looking fly.

The night went amazingly well.  They sold out, the place was packed and my outfit even sold in the silent auction!!  Which is such a relief since items that don't sell come back the following year to sell for 5 bucks.  Here are some pictures from the amazing night.
                                             Best trophies ever!

                        The 3 plus size models in the contest out of 60.  

The free Popchips photobooth.  Always a good time.

Livvy (the wonderful woman who told me about this event) and me waiting for the show to begin.