June 14, 2011

This Is Why I Never Go Out

Not much to post about except these little projects.  This is a Harry Potter inspired headband similar to what Rita Skeeter wore in the Goblet of Fire, what I'm watching right now in fact.

The Romper was done as an experiment.  The band at the top wont be there next time and so it will be one long piece up past the bust.  But without a pattern and apparently forgetting my belly sticks out more than I think, I needed to add some extra fabric so my ladies didn't show.

This next piece I just finished yesterday.  I am making a bit of a collection on modern day Disney Princess dresses.  This would be inspired by Snow White.  Though I have a red belt from torrid I plan on adding to finish the color pallet.  But here is the rough pic.

These two skirts were make with very old leftover fabric I bought but just never did anything with from when I worked at a fabric warehouse.  What I wouldn't give to work there part time again.  The savings on fabric and notions were INSANE!

And last but seriously not least I have this fun skirt I made out of some stretch velvet I bought.  I only bought a little bit of it just in case it wasn't what I wanted but it was exactly what I'd hoped and more so I will be buy more of it and in MANY different colors.  It's a bit difficult to sew (sliping and sliding all over) but the outcome is so worth it.  It's one of my favorite creations recently.   Easy but cute!

June 11, 2011

It's Fleet Week!

I think it's perfect timing that I finished this dress today and we have sailors in town for the Rose Festival here in Portland.  I set out to make a dress just like one I found randomly online in a google search and I managed to make it pretty well!  The girl of course was of average size and the fabric was the best matches I could get considering I was shopping on a budget and online.  I brought the waist of the skirt up to a full on empire waist which I feel looks more flattering on my body type.  But here is the final product in comparison to the inspired picture.

I wish I had a better picture of my dress but this is all I have at the moment.  A few things I could have changed a bit about my dress in comparison to the other is wider sleeves (which I would have lived but didn't realize till I already cut), made the skirt itself a tad shorter and made the white ruffles a bit longer.  All in all I don't think I did half bad with this considering I had no pattern and was basing it off of a picture.

My next project was to be the dress I was commissioned to make but spandexworld.com sent me the wrong fabric.  This was such a ridiculous ordeal.  I ordered fabric samples from them for 3 different fabrics.  Got it and my customer picked out the cream colored fabric for her dress.  I placed an order for it only a few days later and yesterday I received a box of yellow fabric.  Same style with the sequins but the fabric was so very yellow.  holding them up for comparison there was no mistake it was the wrong fabric.  Of course I got the package at 6 pm west coast and the company is on the east cost so they were closed.  I called them today to set this mess up straight only to speak to the customer service man from hell.  Making him realize you don't give someone a fabric swatch and then send them an entirely new batch of fabric that doesn't match and then tell me it's not THEIR fault.  So sorry, but whose fault is it then?  I demanded that I get an exchange processing asap and that I wont be paying for overnight shipping to get it to me.  They said I needed to send the wrong fabric back first for them to process it and then they would send me the new cut.  No. No. No. NO!  With  much arguing and him talking to his supervisor they said I could only order the new fabric if I ordered a new fabric swatch from them first to make sure this didn't happen again and not only that if I wanted it next day I would have to pay 15 dollars for it.  A 4 inch square piece of fabric.  Also that I would have to place this on Monday.
I am so torn with them.  I have never had issues with them before with fabric quality, shipping, stock, anything.  So this is something that has really made me reconsider dealing with them in the future.

So while I'm waiting for that to resolve I will be working with the other package I received from them containing my stretch lace yardage.  They were perfect.  Exactly what I ordered.  Yay!  The purple is for leggings which I should have done by the end of the weekend and the blue I was thinking leggings (which would be hot imo) but I have been seeing lace body suits online a lot lately and I would just DIE if I could somehow get myself a blue one.   So thats what I am going to be sketching out tonight after I post all this.  Here are a couple pictures of the fabric.  I will post more on the spandexworld.com situation and update on the body suit if I can accomplish it.

June 01, 2011

I Make The Pretties But Never Seem To Wear Them

I love seeing black and white vertical stripe dresses out now in clothes.  I have seen them on tumblr, in magazines and all over the net.  Sadly I had yet to find something I liked in my size or in my size period.  So I went to fabric.com (a great site with excellent deals) and found some stretch fabric.  When it arrives the stripes were a bit smaller than I had originally planned or wanted but in the end I didn't want to waste the fabric or let it stop me.

I also didn't want to spend time working on a pattern.  I just wanted the dress.  So I took a tight fitting t-shirt and a stretch pencil skirt that I already had in my wardrobe, laid the fabric on the table folded and folded the top and skirt in half down the center laying it's fold on the stripe fabric fold.   Then just messed with the silohette till I got what I was going for, moved the skirt up a bit higher to create a shorter skirt on the dress and there it was.  Last step was folding the t-shirt sleeve in on the original arm hole line.  Practically a pattern in itself when I was done and no paper wasted!   I then just eyeballed about 1/2 an inch seam allowance around the outside of shirt and skirt.

After hemming, cutting the top off and adding elastic at the top this is the final product.  I am considering adding some black ruffled lace at the bottom with a shorter piece of the stripe fabric on top of it, giving it a more girlie out on the town look.

The next dress I am working on is for a friend to hopefully wear to the BBW Vegas bash this summer.  I have the pattern all ready, I just need to buckle down and cut it out.   This is the first time I'm making a dress for someone else so I am a bit nervous.  Hopefully she will like it when I am finished and if she doesn't hopefully she won't tell me how shit it is.  J/k... kinda of.   And of course I will post many pics of it on here.  But this is the pattern I'm basing it off of.  There will be no gathering in the bust and the skirt will be form fitting and less flowy.  This is also the fabric she chose.

I also just got a package of fabric in the mail for me to work on after that last dress.  I saw this picture online and knew I needed to try and make a fat version of it.  So I have all the fabrics ready, now just need to get other projects done first!  I am so excited for it though.  How cute right?

And yay!!  Good news, my husband has decided to move out... of the office that is. Hehe.  It's getting a bit cramped in here.  I take over about 80% of the room with my supplies, tables, shelves and storage containers.  He's decided since we don't use out dining room for anything that will be his new office.  Which means MORE ROOM FOR MY SHIIIIIT!  I bought a rolling rack so I can hang the clothes I make up now.  Got the idea from GabiFresh on tumblr.  Super cheap and will make a huge difference for me.  Here is a pic I took of it after I put it together.  I felt so accomplished.  Note the table covered in fabrics screaming at me "Make me into something woman!"  I can't wait to post the before and after pics of the revamped room.  Hell I might post pics of the whole apartment.  I am making curtains for all the windows so it's a good excuse to show it all off.