June 14, 2011

This Is Why I Never Go Out

Not much to post about except these little projects.  This is a Harry Potter inspired headband similar to what Rita Skeeter wore in the Goblet of Fire, what I'm watching right now in fact.

The Romper was done as an experiment.  The band at the top wont be there next time and so it will be one long piece up past the bust.  But without a pattern and apparently forgetting my belly sticks out more than I think, I needed to add some extra fabric so my ladies didn't show.

This next piece I just finished yesterday.  I am making a bit of a collection on modern day Disney Princess dresses.  This would be inspired by Snow White.  Though I have a red belt from torrid I plan on adding to finish the color pallet.  But here is the rough pic.

These two skirts were make with very old leftover fabric I bought but just never did anything with from when I worked at a fabric warehouse.  What I wouldn't give to work there part time again.  The savings on fabric and notions were INSANE!

And last but seriously not least I have this fun skirt I made out of some stretch velvet I bought.  I only bought a little bit of it just in case it wasn't what I wanted but it was exactly what I'd hoped and more so I will be buy more of it and in MANY different colors.  It's a bit difficult to sew (sliping and sliding all over) but the outcome is so worth it.  It's one of my favorite creations recently.   Easy but cute!


  1. Your skills are amazing! I love it all!

  2. I love how creative and crafty you are!!! Such talent!
    Love the velvet skirt, you look great =)

  3. You are an inspiration to me:)!!!

    I would like to trade links with u.


  4. Hi doll,
    I happened to stumble upon your blog while googling plus size clothing and the pieces you have created are amazing!!!!
    Do you by any chance sell your creations?? I would totally purchase something from you.
    Please email me:

    hope to hear from you soon :)

  5. Your blog makes me so excited! I love seeing big girls get their fashion on! I'm still pretty young buy I realized a long time ago that I didn't have to be thin to be beautiful!!! I've seriously sent your blog to a bunch of my friends who need to learn that lesson. Big, Can and IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I wish you sold Locally in portland!!!! I would so buy from you. Girrrl I'm imagining how many compliments I would get in your clothing. I myself make alot of dresses, Its cheaper then going out to torrid and other plus size stores. I'm seriously looking to get involved with a pinup or Big girl fashion group in portland.

    Im super mega jealous of your fashion! Get it GURRRL!!

  6. you're super talented! love your clothes.. wish more places up here in Canada would get their shit together and create or hire you to design clothes lol... once again you're extremely talented and thanks so much for sharing and making us girls all jealous :P lol

  7. crushed velvet is a awesome idea. I'm down to a 18-20 and you have more confidence then me!!

  8. I think your clothes are nice.I am not crazy about them but your try was really good.I love the fact that people appreciate your talent and I hope you will continue like this or even better!