July 19, 2011

Dem Legs

Lately I'm either battling zippers on 4 way stretch fabric, making skirts, on Tumblr blogging Harry Potter gifs and/or making leggings.  Mostly the last 2 though.  With Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows pt 2 out now I find myself watching the previous movies more and more.  The hubs is getting concerned.  I'm that girl who in the theater was crying her eyes out at moments that probably didn't even intend it to happen but it did anyway.  I also dyed my hair the day before the midnight showing.  It's all sorts of crazy now!  Ben and I did a double feature of part 1&2 for the show.  It was amazing!  So many people dressed up, had broomsticks, wands, there were even some kids fully playing a game of Magic in the hall waiting to enter the theater.  I love geeks.  Let it be know.   This is me the day of the midnight screening and at the screening with my HP 3-D glasses.

But back onto my projects!  There has been much experimenting lately.  I made my first pair of lace leggings.  They weren't that bad.  The dilemma is the serger.  I would have to invest quite a bit of money into thread to make them  on there.  Its something I am strongly considering since I can make these leggings in SO many colors.  I keep seeing them in black and I love it, but I went for a brighter look.  And blue it was!

I also decided to experiment with two-tone leggings.  Now please excuse the pink fabric I used to experiment with.  It was leftover from a couple years ago on a bathing suit so I didn't have to waste my nice fancy and new fabrics in case it didn't work out.  My husband seems to be under the impression they look like "wrestling" pants.  I'm also under the impression I foolishly married a closet WWE fan who knows nothing about women's fashion.  I still love him... kinda.  Anyway, I think they turned out really well and are super fun!  The leggings I would want to make down the line to sell would be of different fabrics but this is the general idea of the two-tone.

These are some of the fabrics I bought on fabric.com's latest sale!  Free shipping over $35 dollars+ online coupons + site wide sale = 19 pounds of fabric on my doorstep!!  My favorite is the peach with the design and the pink with black polka dot.  Gonna make some cute shit!  My plans are leggings and shrug hoodies with these.  God I love cute fabric.