September 23, 2011

F*ck Flattering!

I got my first purchase from Gisela Ramirez!  The F*ck Flattering crop top.  I got the biggest size a size 28/30 and wasn't sure if it would fit well.  Thankfully its very stretchy and fits like a dream!  It has inspired me to wear more crop tops.  So I paired this basic black white top with some funky colorful leggings I made the other day and a black skirt I pull up to my bra for a little bit of coverage up top and a higher skirt length.

Also I am super close to opening my clothing site up.  I guess I have slacking on this for several reasons.  Putting so much effort into something that will hopefully be a job for you for a while becomes  very personal.  I worry what will people think of the site?  Will people like what I make?  Will it be of good quality?  All things I care about and want to make sure I am feeling strong on before I open myself up to the public.  

Here are a couple screen grabs of what I have so far.  

I should add some of the information has been changed as well as the pictures.  These were taken when I was just trying to get a basic layout working.   Trying to remain positive and keep moving with this and start it soon!

I have a class tomorrow called Starting an Apparel Business.  I am so very excited to take this class.  I had done a lot myself so far but I just want to make sure I am doing it right and not forgetting any steps along the way.

Thats about where I am at right now.  Sewing myself some fun little projects, making leggings for friends, building a website, still trying to do work and this weekend I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of being married! :)  Time flies when you are working your ass off.

September 01, 2011

I win!!

So while on Tumblr one night I saw that Wicked Clothes was selling a Golden Snitch necklace!  I had seen pictures of these floating around, people making them but no one to my knowledge was selling them.  The minute I saw they were on sale for a reasonable price of 24.99 with a discount coupon code I knew it had to be mine.  So I purchased it and 2 days later (today) it was in my mail box! They have extremely timely shipping and it's reasonably priced as well.  Here is the video I made for my Snitch!

 Urban Decay is having a big sale right now where they have loose pigment eyeshadows for $1 and cream shadow for $3 dollars plus with any purchase you get a free sample of a product they sell.  With my semi recent hair color change to red I have been obsessed with blues and greens.  So I ended up buying 4 colors of green and 2 shades of black/grey.    Here is a picture of todays color Weeds.  It's a nice light mossy green with some glitter specs in it.  I also have the other colors I bought posted.  All of which should be fun to play with!

And last but not least I went to JoAnn Fabrics and could not resist some good old classic red and navy blue stripe stretch knit.  It was 12.99 a yard but with their endless supply of 50% coupons for a single cut of fabric it was more than reasonably priced.  I'm thinking about making a skirt and having it be a bit form fitting.  But I am not sure what to pair it with for a top.  Something I'm sure will come to mind when I'm done making it.  But for now here is the picture of the fabric itself.