November 15, 2011

The day has finally come.  My store is open and ready for business.  I am very proud of this store and all that I offer.  I have been collecting fabric, saving money, filling paperwork, crafting, and designing the site these past many months.  To start with I am selling 3 styles of leggings, velvet skirts in several colors, a jacket that will soon be available in all sizes 20-32, and fun accessories.   I have wanted this since I was about 16 years old but never gave myself a chance to do it.  Finally with so much love and support from my husband, family and friends, my dream has now come true. Also big thanks to Crystal aka Wednesday from Project Lifesize who has been my model for this and other projects.  She's quite the trooper.  I hope to make more patterns and pieces to sell on the site as the months go by.

Thank you so much and enjoy!



  1. I wish you so much luck and hope you GO BIG TIME!

  2. Congrats! I'm gonna have to order myself a pair of your awesome leggings. THey're so cute!

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  4. oh my gosh. i just found your blog and LOVE it and LOVE Chubby Cartwheels. please tell me you have more pink leopard print fabric to make leggings like this! i am so ready to order them!

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