November 25, 2011

Tis' The Season To Be Crafty!

First of all, I want to thank you all for all the amazing and positive feedback I'm getting about Chubby Cartwheels.  I have gotten some very nice comments about my site, what I offer and I'm also enjoying making these clothes for you amazing ladies.  So thank you for that.

Since the site opened last week it's been hectic as ever.  2 days after I launched the site, my 4 year old laptop died.  Just flat out died.  So I went out and bought a new one (I was going to within a few months anyway) and I couldn't be happier with it.  Though I lost ALL of my bookmarks which are more precious to me than anything else on my old computer.  I was fortunate enough to have just backed up all my info, pics, and so on, so I didn't lose anything like that.  Just bookmarks for blogs, tutorials, websites and everything that is good in this world.   Now I am starting over and desperately trying find them all again.  I have managed to salvage a few blogs and tutorials thanks to Tumblr.  If you don't follow me on there check out my blog.

A 2 inch spike ring.  I used a plain adjustable ring and (2) 2 inch metal spikes unintentionally creating the affect of piercing my finger with a giant spike.  Ugh... I need a manicure.

Aside from making clothes for my orders I have been working on fun little projects for myself.    I started with a mustard yellow fleece ear warmer made with navy blue (suppose to be flowers but look more like) stars and a button in the back.  All materials available at Joann's.  A 1/4 of a yard will make you 2 bands worth plus whatever you want for the decorative piece.

-Please excuse my exhausted looking face/hair/look.  The holidays have been hectic.

A reusable University of Oregon coffee cup sleeve just in time for the civil war game.  GO DUCKS!  

And tonight I finished my sweat hear cut white vinyl bandeau top.  It was so incredibly easy to make so I plan on making more of them and in a variety of colors as well.  I think if I turn them into tube tops they will go perfectly with an empire waist skirt.  Plus with it being vinyl, it doesn't budge or move much so no straps = no problem.  

On top of those projects I have been trying to get more organized with my craft supplies.  As of 3 days ago they were in little plastic bags in a basket.  But I found an old case I used to hold and organize plastic rhinestones.  So now all of my hair clips, earrings, beads, pendants, pearls, glue sticks, ect... have a home and place to stay.   


  1. Love iiiit. The head-scarf will be adorable come winter-weather.

  2. omggggg your craft supply boxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love the vinyl bandeau top. WAAAAAANT!