December 23, 2011

Turning 30 and feeling good!

Today is my 30th birthday and I have to be honest, leading up to this milestone I have had a variety of feelings about it.  Sad, stressed, happy, confused, anxious and a number of others.  But all in all it's become so clear to me that this is a great time in my life.  I had a wonderful friend list off some things for me to be proud of that I have accomplished in my life up to this point and I agree with her.   I've gone to and put myself thru school while working fulltime,  lived on my own,  supported myself,  I have a successful alternative modeling career for years now, I've traveled and lived abroad,  met a man I love and married him and I've started my own clothing and accessories site fulfilling a dream I've had since I was 16.  Looking back I don't think I should ever really doubt or regret any path my life has taken since it  has all brought me here, and honestly where I am is pretty damn good.  I hope to make my 30's are an amazing decade where I live, laugh and accomplish even more.  I am truly blessed with lots of amazing friends and family in my life who support me.  I love my life!

December 08, 2011

Statement Jewelry

I now have my collection of spike rings for sale on my site
They are great statement jewelry for your upcoming holiday parties or would make a great stocking stuffer for that special someone.  Enjoy!

Small Silver Spike
Small Gold Spike
Bull Horn
Pyramid Spikes
Large Spike

December 05, 2011

Size Queen at Fat Fancy

When I heard about the Size Queen fashion show being put on at Fat Fancy, I knew this was an event I really couldn't miss.  For some lame reason I missed the last fashion show put on by these local companies and I was not going to miss this one.  My lovely friend and fat fashion enthusiast Dani and I were each others date for the night out.
I did however have a secret agenda for going to this event besides just seeing Bertha's new creations for Size Queen.  I wanted to show off some of my own goods whilst mingling with some of Portland's fat fashionistas.  So my outfit consisted of this:

Shirt- Gisela Ramirez Crop Top
Skirt- Chubby Cartwheels (I made)
Leggings- Chubby Cartwheels 
Shoes- Payless
Studded Suspenders- Hot Topic
Brass Knuckles Necklace & Pyramid Ring- Chubby Cartwheels

In case you didn't realize it, wearing a shirt anywhere with the lettering F*CK on it will get you a lot of attention.  But what caught peoples eyes the most was my ring.  The owners of Fat Fancy seemed to loved it.  They asked me where I got it and when I told them I made them they asked me if I could make more to sell in their shop.  Keeping calm on the outside I replied, "of course."  But on the inside I was bursting with smiles. 

Back to the fabulous fashion show!  My favorite piece was by far the little black hologram dress  combined with ripped fishnets and combate boots.  A lot of her pieces have a 90's feel/look.  Almost as though some of them walked out of Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion (one of my favorite movies).

My little purse friendly camera does not take great photos.  It does however  take decent video.   So here are some screen grabs from the videos I took!

I also put together a little video from the show.