January 13, 2012

My Inspiration Station

So one thing I left out of my last post was that I woke up new years morning to a loud crashing sound in the apartment.  At first I thought we were being robbed but it turned out to be my rolling rack that holds most of my fabrics collapsing.  It had a strong lean to it that fortunately was always held up by my work table, but since it was out in the living room from the NYE party, the rack ended up buckling under the pressure.  I don't blame it, I had way too much fabric on there.  Lesson learned when you buy cheap Wal-mart rolling racks.

I was stressed at first because it was looking like it would cost about $25 dollars plus shipping for a replacement of the exact same, cheap as shit, rack.  Considering I knew how flimsy it gets. I really wanted to find another solution.  So I went onto Amazon because by mistake last year I signed up for their Prime shipping program where you pay $75 bucks once a year and get free shipping all year which has actually paid off in the long run.  I looked up rolling racks and at the bottom of the page they suggested this shelving unit called the Whitmor Double Rod Closet that has 2 racks to hold plus 4 attached metal shelves for $43 bucks with free 2 day shipping.  PERFECTION!!  I ordered it right away and started getting my room ready for its arrival.  In doing so I decided to clean the shit out of the room.  And that I did.  So I have some before and after pictures of my old office vs my new, clutter free and much better organized office.  I LOVE IT!   I work so much better in a clean and organized space.

With cleaning out and organizing I also wanted to change some of the wall decor.  Before I had my framed photography from my travels through Europe.  I loved them but I wanted something new.  So I retired them to my bedroom and gave myself a fresh palet to work with.  The first thing that came to mind was something big on my wall that practically screams me, inspiration, and everything that I do.  So I went to Joanns and bought some white wooden letters with the giftcard my mom gave me for my birthday, coated them with Mod Podge and sprinkled this beautiful seafoam green glitter on them from Michaels to liven them up!  Also I fully recognize I did a total Portland cliche and "put a bird on it".   Not my intention in the least bit.  The finishing touch of it all was taking the christmas lights from the bookshelf in the dinning room for my office window.  Those lights change a rooms mood with minimal effort.

     (My old rolling rack used to be in the empty corner space & the fabric pile isn't normally on the table.)

Small window vase I got as a stocking stuffer for Christmas with the same flowers from my jewelry holder.

My old earring holder was just a plastic grid hanging on my wall by a nail and honestly I felt like my fabulous jewelry deserved better than that.  So I took an old picture frame from the Goodwill for $3 bucks, a can of spray paint from Home Depot for $3.50, Dollar Tree flowers, a glue gun, craft wire and a staple gun to make this new piece to hang everything on.

Best 10 bucks ever!  Closet organizers are the way of the future and I will never be without one again!


  1. I love organization posts like this! I love what you did with the room. Everything looks so nicely tucked away and I really like the picture frame that duels as an accessories holder!

  2. I was cleaning out my spare room/office when i saw this post. Thanks for the inspiration! Now in full blown clean up mode, to make my very own inspiration station :) thanks sweet!x