April 24, 2012

The Perfect Pair

As soon as Domino Dollhouse, one of my absolute favorite plus size clothing stores, came out with their Button Button Top in black and white polka dots I knew it had to be mine.  But what to pair it with was the real question.  I wear and make skirts so much it would almost be too easy.  Not to mention the cut of it being so open as an oversized top I think anything on the bottom needed to be more form fitting.  The shirt arrived very fast and was exactly as I had hoped.  I can't say enough good things about Domino Dollhouse and its fabulous owner/designer Tracy.  I was very pleased.

For the second half of my outfit I decided to treat myself and make a pair of gorgeous black velvet leggings I designed and sell my store!  I've made many pairs for other beautiful  ladies but strangely never made some for myself.  I could not be happier with the outcome of this!  These two items paired together with some statement jewelry and my DIY glitter wedges made for an outfit that was eye catching and fun!

OOTD Details-

Polka Dot Top- Domino Dollhouse
Black Cami- Old Navy
Black Velvet Leggings-  Chubby Cartwheels
Glitter Wedges- DIY (Glitter Shoe Tutorial)
Necklace- Macy's
Spike Ring- Chubby Cartwheels


  1. I still bloody love those shoes! Loving the shirt too. Am also furiously saving for a Chubby Cartwheels spree :) really really like your stuff xx

  2. very cute outfit!! Love those shoes too!!

  3. I agree with Laura on her post. Those shoes rock and I totally dig the shirt!

  4. Thank you so much you guys! The glitter shoes are incredibly easy. I wish I had more shoes to glitter the crap out of to go with all my outfits. :)

  5. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

    Bridal Wear


    but when are you not ;)

    CD <3

  7. Love the shoes. Keep being your fabulous self!! <3

    - Marisa


  8. I want a polkadot blouse NOW! lol. You look fab.