May 31, 2012

The Big Fatkini

The best way to start out my summer this year was to be part of the great Fatkini movement!  Gabi Greg, fat fashion blogger,  put a call out for big ladies to submit pictures of them in bikinis to be posted on  The article was to promote positive body image.  To say that all bodies are indeed created equal and we should all rock a fabulous bikini if we damn well want to.  As soon as I saw her asking for photos I submitted a picture of myself sporting my first bikini as an adult that I bought from Love Your Peaches.  There I am, full on belly rolls and all.   I am so proud to be in great company with Gabi Greg, Tess Munster, Jessica Luxury and so many other beautiful women showing off their curves and not to mention seeing some fabulous swimwear.   This is the feature photo for Gabi that started it all.

The xoJane article has taken off and gotten global media attention by being featured on such sites as,, and many more.  It even made it to the not so quality rich Sun in the UK in which for some reason I was the feature photo at the top of the article.  My guess is for shock value.  Whatever, I look fabulous and happy and lets be honest, I don't care what strangers think about me.

The reaction from the public has gotten some positive feedback but as always there is the negative backlash of people who take it upon themselves to belittle, hate, threaten and mock people who are different or who do things they don't like or understand.  Thankfully there is a strong FA (fat acceptance) community, with allies and our families who are supportive.  I can't think of a better way to start the summer of 2012.  The year of the fatkini.  I hope what Gabi did changes how so many girls feel about themselves and that they learn your body size doesn't dictate your fashion, style or wardrobe.  

Much Love!

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  1. This is such an awesome movement! It brings me such joy. :D You look absolutely gorgeous in your bikini!

  2. I have been wrestling with the idea of wearing a bikini too this summer... maybe a high waisted one? I just wish I had bigger cans and a nice tan. That would help!

  3. Girl you totally should do it! I love the high waist look. Do it and post pics!! :)

  4. I just found your blog when I checked out your dresses on Craftster. What a gorgeous person. I draw inspiration from your confidence!

  5. I have nothing against people who are overweight. Being fat is unhealthy, so I am against fat which is why I am against, and speak out against people who are trying to make it acceptable to be unhealthy. Fatness, obesity and laziness are nothing to be proud of.

    Be proud to be WHO you are, as a person. You are not fat, you are a person who has fat all over them. Fat is not your personality, it is not who you are. It is WHAT you have allowed yourself to become. It is not okay to be proud of fat. Because then you are spreading the message that laziness (straight facts, if you exercise regularly and eat properly -IE: LIVE HEALTHY- you will never be "fat". Chubby or whatever, sure, but not fat. FATness can only be achieved through great personal in-effort and bad decisions.) and unhealthiness is something to be proud of.

    FA's like to claim that a person can be fat AND healthy? This is a lie. While it's true that a person will probably not keep over and die from fatness, they CAN die from diabetes, heart problems, and endure joint damage, and various other life-quality diminishing problems. Fat is not healthy. Advocating fatness is advocating an unhealthy lifestyle, and I personally find THAT disgusting, not the visual.

    For the record, I am not some skinny person who has never dealt with being overweight. I WAS fat, and eventually I decided I cared enough about MYSELF to get off my a** and do something about it. I know what I am talking about, and there is NO excuse to be obese. None.

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  6. What shock value?