May 27, 2012

Everything Rocks In Polka Dots!

These are 3 different summer looks I put together all with the same simple black skirt.  There are SO many more options to try, I may update every so often with more looks.  This first outfit I have is what I actually made and wore to my first fashion show featuring my clothing brand Chubby Cartwheels.  It was a very exciting day for me and I will have a post up in a few days with all the photos and even a video of the show itself.  But for now some outfits.

The first piece was actually a very last minute look.  I originally wanted to make this floral dress with a black sheer top and a sweetheart neckline connecting the two but without a dress form to drape it on, I found it to be a bit more than I could handle.  So the morning of the show I took some 108 inch solid black fabric from Joann's and make it into a full circle skirt.  I knew I could pair this with almost anything.  But I wanted color.  Something to match my runway looks in style and vibrance.  Instantly I grabbed my yellow with black polka dot fabric and turned it into a bodysuit.  The look couldn't have been more perfect.

So the theme for this update is based more around my perfect black skirt.  I loved the versatility of it.

OOTD Details #1-
Polka Dot Bodysuit- DIY
Black Circle Skirt- DIY
Belt- DIY
Black Flats- Payless shoes
Peace Sign Earrings- Trend's Shoes

This outfit was created with the love and support I have for fantastic indie plus size clothing and accessory designers .  My circle skirt with attached belt (yes I sewed it on so it would stay in place and it's easily removable), combining with Gisela Ramirez, Good Stuff Only and ReDress for the polished look.  The bow hair clips are absolutely fantastic.  Incredibly affordable, fast shipping and good quality.  Plus it's Oregon local so how could I NOT get them?!  My F*ck Flattering top has been a favorite for a while now and I love any excuse to bust it out and wear it proudly.  As for the belts, I ended up ordering 4 different colors from ReDress but turquoise was hands down my favorite.

OOTD Details #2-
Black Circle Skirt- DIY
F*ck Flattering Crop Top- Gisela Ramirez
Belt- ReDress
Hair Bow- Good Stuff Only

And finally for my 3rd look I paired the skirt with a plain black tank top that you can get pretty much anywhere they sell Hanes mens clothing.  As I'm sure it's pretty obvious by now I am obsessed with 90's fashion.  Polka dots, daisies, holographic prints and crop tops I want it all,  so this outfit is really very 90's inspired.  I used my pattern I have for the cocoon jacket from my store but I left off the sleeves and traded the heavier fabrics for a light sheer option to keep me cool on summer days.  This polka dot jacket will be a summer staple of my wardrobe this year.  That plus my sunflower crown from The Glitter Thread was the perfect pop of color this needed.  Yellow flowers on bright red hair seems to be a match made in heaven.

OOTD Details #3
Black Skirt- DIY
Mens Black Tank Top- Hanes
Sheer Polka Dot Cocoon Jacket- Chubby Cartwheels (available soon)
Flower Crown- The Glitter Thread

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from last weeks fashion show in my next update!
Much Love!

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  1. Love the shape of the yellow polka dot top.

    Is the circle skirt pretty easy to make? Did you start with a pattern and then wing it, or did you come up with it yourself? I need another skirt like I need a hole in the head, but I am curious. :)

  2. That F*uck flattering crop top rocks! I've had a black circle skirt chilling in my closet for some time now. I think it's time I break it out.

  3. Love polkadots. Jusdt decided * want a yellow polkadot circle skirt lol

  4. You look stunning Mrs HOTNESS!! Polka dots rock and you rock polka dots! I need to get my finances sorted and order some polka dot leggings, skirt and body from you! <3 x

  5. Obsessed with that cocoon jacket in the third ootd, will be keeping my eye on chubbycartwheels shop methinks. :)

    Love all the 90s style you hav going on.

  6. So amazing. The polka dot bodysuit is the stuff of dreams. OMMGGGGG. I can't WAIT to see photos/footage of the show! x

  7. So gorgeous! I love the bodysuit in the first pic, amazing! This makes me want to pull out my F-flattering shirt and rock it!

  8. AHHHH. Okay - I love every single one of these outfits. You look absolutely beautiful and gorgeous...and I don't even have words for how amazing my flower crown looks with your red hair! You wear it *perfectly*. I'm totally in love. <3

  9. these photos are so beautiful and I looooove the polkadots!

  10. I LOVE The F*ck Flattering shirt and the Sheer Polka Dot Cocoon Jacket!!!

  11. I love the hell out of the new bodysuit and i really love the large spike ring

  12. you have the cutest cloths ever!!! D:

  13. I absolutely love the sailor dress! :D

  14. The Sailor Dress is my favvvv! LOVE IT!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The "Fuck Flattering" Outfit! Its bold and says something!