June 30, 2012

Road Trip To LALA Land

This month I became a woman!  I went on my first road trip!  I mean technically it wasn't my first ever. I would go on them with my family for vacations when I was younger but I don't believe that really counts.  This time is was me, my husband and our friend Josh.

This trip was going to take us down the west coast tthrough the Avenue of the Giants (the redwoods) in northern California, to San Francisco for a day, a night in San Jose and then our final destination LA.  My husband being a Brit and working in TV and movies had actually never been to LA and wanted to see what all the hype was about.  I had visited there many times in my youth to see my close family friends and stayed with them.   This trip would include a visit to their home in San Pedro but also a stay in Glendale, a new part of the area for me.  Our Glendale host was non other than On The Fat Walk and SKORCH's Tiffany and her Brit husband Matt!

Josh and Ben went off to do a lot of touristy stuff while I got to relax in the sun and hang out with amazing people.  Tiffany introduced me to Joy Nash, Tess Munster and Tracy of Domino Dollhouse!  4 amazing women, including Tiffany herself, that I have looked up to for quite a while!  Many pictures to follow.

The end of the week came quick with a stop in San Jose again to retrieve our camera bag we had left there and we faced a long drive back up I-5.   But not without a stop at Crater Lake!  It was more beautiful than I had remembered from when I visited as a kid.  Snow capped mountains, deep blue waters and cool crisp air greeted us there which was a drastic and nice change from warm and sunny California we had just left.

All in all it was a great trip.  Ben and I are already thinking about new places to go road trip to next! A great tip for people who like to be adventurous, Priceline Negotiator gave us AMAZING deals on last minute hotel rates making our 3 hotel stays on the trip affordable and comfortable.

 Road trip mascot

 First view of the California Coast

 This is kind of self explanatory.

 The Redwoods.

 Foggy day in the Bay City.

 Best grilled cheese of my life!

 Hotel in San Jose.
 Dinner with friends!

 First home we stayed at in LA.

 The only picture I took at the aquarium.

 Happy hour margi's on the Santa Monica Pier with foreigners. 

 Being awesome.

 I got to meet Tess Munster!

 Tiffany!  Our fabulous hostess!
 At Crater Lake getting covered in hail.

 Snow White moment.

Much Love!

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  1. Wonderful pics and I love the Bane mini! Yay for Brit husbands....I'm biased, I'm English ;) xoxo