October 22, 2012

Love Velvet Love Bows

I find it rare to buy sweaters/cardigans these days.  Even with the temperatures dropping I am more of a hoodie gal.  But on an impromptu early morning trip to the mall with some friends I found myself in Torrid drooling over their sweater sale table.  I know this white cardigan with black bow detail and rhinestone button cardigan has been out for a while but it just felt like the right time for me.  It was sweet, cute and nothing at all like I had in my wardrobe which to me means I needed it.  So I grabbed the only 4x left on the table.  I said that's it, this is the only purchase I will be making.  Until what my friend Crystal showed me next.  This sweater has the body of a black sweatshirt but the long arms are made from a stretchy black lace.  On the hanger I was a tad underwhelmed but as soon as I tried it on I was in love!  It was really flattering and super comfortable.  Both items were on sale which really sealed the deal for me.  I went home a happy camper that day.

When I finally found an outfit to pair the white cardigan with I was thrilled.  Working two jobs from home doesn't have me out buying clothing that is more on the dress up side.  I feel like I could wear this outfit out to dinner, a party, a night out at Sugar Town or anything really.  Plus most of this outfit is either gifted, thrifted or DIY so it was all very affordable which makes me love it even more!

OOTD's Details-
Cardigan- Torrid
Stripe T-shirt- Avenue
Burgandy Velvet Skirt- Chubby Cartwheels
Shoes- Payless
Studded Belt- Gifted (Torrid)
Clutch- Curvy Chic Closet 

This is the black sweatshirt with lace sleeves from Torrid

Much Love!

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Special thanks to my friend Nicole for taking this photos for me!  She's a love! <3 p="p">

October 19, 2012

Curvy Chic Closet

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Curvy Chic Closet again!  The had moved to a new and in my opinion way better location.  I made sure to plan it out so I was there opening day for the sale so I wouldn't miss out on any great deals.  So I dragged my good friend Danielle with me for a fun ladies day out. She managed to snag 3 dress for less than $20 dollars and I got away with a fantastic sweater/cardigan and clutch.  It was a victory for us both.  I'm still crying over that leopard print jacket. One day... one day.

There were a few differences that stood out to me this time around at Curvy Chic Closet.  There was quite the variety of venders this time.   I saw people getting henna tattoos, manicures and there was even a chair massage station!  $1 dollar a minute.  Needless to say it didn't take me long to say "ME NEXT" and hop on the chair.  After my wonderful 5 minute massage (I was beyond relaxed) I headed to the register to pay for my goodies and head home.

This is such a great project put on by Becky Jarvis and I hope it continues.  I'm even considering consigning some of my old clothes there next time.  Best way to clear our the closet and make some extra cash that will just go straight into more clothes.  The circle of life.

Much Love!

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October 15, 2012

Fat Fashion Day- Portland *Picture Heavy*

Finally a great day occurred in Portland Oregon.  Two wonderful ladies put together a fat positive fashion day full of shopping, food and fashion.  We started the day out at co-organizer Coco's beautiful home for a meet and greet/brunch/clothing swap which was a raging success.  How can a day not start off amazing when you cleanse your closet and get free goodies while drinking champagne and eating bacon?  The answer is it can't.  That's just going to be a great day.

Our first destination was Fat Fancy!  The fantastic downtown fat fashion shop with retro styles, independent designers and one of a kind looks.  Shop owner Annie was there to greet us as we came in and took over.  I was so excited to find a perfect pair of royal blue flats to go with my outfit I was planning to wear to LA the following weekend for the Domino Dollhouse Pop Up Shop!  Score!  Those plus some great new sunglasses.

One to our next shop Savvy Plus!  Another great secondhand/consignment shop located on Hawthorne.  This shop caters to more modern clothing and style with a fantastic selection of jewelry up at the counter.  I was drooling over far too many items in that store and encouraging my friends to buy everything they tried on.

Our final destination for the day was visiting Bertha at her shop Size Queen!  A wonderful shop with all of her own fun and unique fashion.  She does custom sizing jobs and makes the most fabulous hologram hot pants you will ever see in you life!  She greeted us with champagne, discount coupons and sweets.  So clearly this was the best way to end a great day!  I ended up buying a yellow faux snake skin belt.  I FINALLY have a yellow belt so I can die happy now.

All in all we had an amazing time out today.  I made many friends and absolutely cannot wait for the next event!  I have a feeling it will be even bigger and better.

I also want to thank James Collier and Rachele for taking so many fabulous photos for us and letting me use some here!

Sheer Mint Green Bodysuit- Chubby Cartwheels
Stripe Skirt- DIY
Belt- Clothing Swap
Black Flats- Payless Shoes

Look at all of the sexiness.  

4 Fat Redheads.  That's the name of our new band.


Miss Coco!  Co creator of Fat Fashion Day.  She also makes the best eggs ever.  Like ever.

I have the prettiest friends

She's the best model

Fat fancy!

Rachele of The Nearsighted Owl!

My favorite picture of the day.

The looks we got when taking these pictures were priceless.  

Size Queen!

The wonderful and amazing Bertha

Hot pants!!

End of a great day!

Much Love!

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October 03, 2012

Down at the Dollhouse

As a lot of you may know if you follow me on tumblr, twitter or facebook, I was fortunate enough to travel to LA this past weekend for the first ever Domino Dollhouse Pop Up Shop!  Tickets to fly were so cheap it only made sense to go.  I wanted to make sure I looked fabulous for the event as I knew it would be a great time to meet other bloggers and network.  What I didn't even think about was the LA weather.  Portland spoils me in this regard.  I assumed that since it was almost October I would be safe wearing 3/4 length sleeve royal blue VELVET bodysuit.  Boy was I ever wrong.  HOT HOT HOT!   But I didn't let that stop or even ruin the day.  Sweaty and red faced I still mingled and  met so many amazing women!  Tracy, owner of Domino Dollhouse, had the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence there collecting for a charity raffle drawing, Natalie from Ninja Betty and the Nunchix DJing, a fantastic and free photo booth, cupcakes, boozy punch, Vanessa Leigh of SweetLeigh,  bloggers galore and so much more!  I managed to pick up a Classic Jean Vest in Black Demin as a vest in blue and white pinstripes! Here are the pictures from the glorious event and all the fabulous fat fashion that happened.

Also I want to give a huge shout out to the wonderful and beautiful Tiffany of On The Fatwalk & SKORCH Magazine for being the best host a lady could as for!  

Royal Blue Velvet Bodysuit- Chubby Cartwheels
Black Circle Skirt- DIY
Black Tights- OneStopPlus
Royal Blue Flats- Fat Fancy
Necklace- Department store in Paris
Belt- ReDress

Me and my love Keena!

Setting up for the event.  How amazing are those leggings?!

Shopping madness

Designer Ashley Neil Tipton 

Complimentary Eyelash Station

I've been lashed!

Tess Munster and I

Love this woman!  (Joy Nash)

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 

The woman behind it all!  Tracy of Domino Dollhouse

Kyla & Kenna

Natalie snagged a photo of herself on my cam without me knowing.  Best thing ever to find later!

Jenn Wilder Designer of Cult of California

Tiffany (SKORCH Magazine Editor & Chief) working the Domino Dollhouse event and looking amazing!

Photo booth amazingness!!

Much Love!

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