October 19, 2012

Curvy Chic Closet

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Curvy Chic Closet again!  The had moved to a new and in my opinion way better location.  I made sure to plan it out so I was there opening day for the sale so I wouldn't miss out on any great deals.  So I dragged my good friend Danielle with me for a fun ladies day out. She managed to snag 3 dress for less than $20 dollars and I got away with a fantastic sweater/cardigan and clutch.  It was a victory for us both.  I'm still crying over that leopard print jacket. One day... one day.

There were a few differences that stood out to me this time around at Curvy Chic Closet.  There was quite the variety of venders this time.   I saw people getting henna tattoos, manicures and there was even a chair massage station!  $1 dollar a minute.  Needless to say it didn't take me long to say "ME NEXT" and hop on the chair.  After my wonderful 5 minute massage (I was beyond relaxed) I headed to the register to pay for my goodies and head home.

This is such a great project put on by Becky Jarvis and I hope it continues.  I'm even considering consigning some of my old clothes there next time.  Best way to clear our the closet and make some extra cash that will just go straight into more clothes.  The circle of life.

Much Love!

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  1. That's what I did with all of the money I made there! Plus I got to unload a bunch of stuff that had just been floating around cluttering up my living space!

  2. Looks fun! Again nothing like that in WA :\