October 22, 2012

Love Velvet Love Bows

I find it rare to buy sweaters/cardigans these days.  Even with the temperatures dropping I am more of a hoodie gal.  But on an impromptu early morning trip to the mall with some friends I found myself in Torrid drooling over their sweater sale table.  I know this white cardigan with black bow detail and rhinestone button cardigan has been out for a while but it just felt like the right time for me.  It was sweet, cute and nothing at all like I had in my wardrobe which to me means I needed it.  So I grabbed the only 4x left on the table.  I said that's it, this is the only purchase I will be making.  Until what my friend Crystal showed me next.  This sweater has the body of a black sweatshirt but the long arms are made from a stretchy black lace.  On the hanger I was a tad underwhelmed but as soon as I tried it on I was in love!  It was really flattering and super comfortable.  Both items were on sale which really sealed the deal for me.  I went home a happy camper that day.

When I finally found an outfit to pair the white cardigan with I was thrilled.  Working two jobs from home doesn't have me out buying clothing that is more on the dress up side.  I feel like I could wear this outfit out to dinner, a party, a night out at Sugar Town or anything really.  Plus most of this outfit is either gifted, thrifted or DIY so it was all very affordable which makes me love it even more!

OOTD's Details-
Cardigan- Torrid
Stripe T-shirt- Avenue
Burgandy Velvet Skirt- Chubby Cartwheels
Shoes- Payless
Studded Belt- Gifted (Torrid)
Clutch- Curvy Chic Closet 

This is the black sweatshirt with lace sleeves from Torrid

Much Love!

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Instagram- @ChubbyCartwheels

Special thanks to my friend Nicole for taking this photos for me!  She's a love! <3 p="p">


  1. you are THE CUTEST!!!! <3<3<3

  2. The skirt is awesome! Is it velvet?

  3. Oh gosh! I just found your blog via Tumblr. I love your hair and outfit and glasses!


  4. Love it! That cardigan is adorbs!

  5. i LOOOVE this outfit! that cardigan is gorgeous and made for that skirt! just love it so much! :D and the black sweater lace/shirt is also super cute. glad you got it at a bargain.

  6. Love the cardi and that also the black sweatshirt, love anything with lace on it :)

  7. Adorable cardi and I LOVE that sweatshirt! And your hair! I love that too! :-)

  8. Oh, gorgeous! I love how you styled the cardi, that skirt looks amazing with your hair, which i'm all sorts of in love with!

  9. Perfect skirt! It looks lovely on you. Your glasses are amazing too xx

  10. So lovely!! Everything you wear is so pretty!!