November 18, 2012

A whole lot of Gossip

October was a fabulous month for me.  My shop is doing very well and hitting it's one year anniversary, I've been hanging out with some new friends who are absolutely amazing and I got to celebrate my 3 year friendship anniversary with my friend Crystal.  We met 3 years ago in October 2009 at a Gossip concert here in Portland.  She was up here visiting from San Fran and my friend Tim brought her to the show and ever since we have been great friends.  You can then imagine our extreme happiness that for the first time since then the Gossip came back to their old stomping grounds, Portland Oregon, for a show and it was in October.  We promptly bought tickets along with many of our other friends.

Crystal and I met up with some friends in Ringlers below the Crystal Ballroom before the show for some drinks and tots.  Apparently if you are in there before a show and you buy drinks or food they let you into the show 10 minutes earlier than the chumps outside in the line.

Once upstairs I walked straight to the stage to claim my spot.  I was not about to hang out in the beer garden till the music started.  I wanted to be as close to Beth as I could.  The show, to say the least, was absolutely amazing.  Bonnie Montgonery, Magic Mouth and the Gossip were insane.  Crystal threw her Spanx at Beth Ditto and Melody threw her bra.  Beth ended up talking to them from the stage about how she knows how much these items cost and so the girls should keep them.  The I screamed that I loved her dress and she told me her friend made it for her.  We actually talked to Beth Ditto on state at a show.  The night literally couldn't have gone any better.  Well if I had gotten up the balls to give her my business card, that would have been better.  But still, an amazing night was had by all!

OOTN Details-
Mint Green Mesh Bodysuit- Chubby Cartwheels
Circle Skirt- DIY
Lips Leggings- DIY
Black Denim Vest- Domino Dollhouse
Shoes- Converse
Pink Rose Purse- Gifted (Beth Ditto told me she loved it and I almost died.)

Drinks and hotdogs after the show.  Perfect way to end the night.

Much Love!

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  1. That is a great bag! Love your leggings too.

  2. Wow that looks like it was so fun! I want all the clothes in these pictures. Damn!

  3. Looks like lots of fabulous funn! :]

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    let me know answering with a comment on my blog, very good job, kisses <3