November 06, 2012

Miss Plus Oregon!

I attended the Oregon Plus America Interest Pageant.  An Interest Pageant is where new and experiences woman can see what it's like in a pageant setting while gaining experience and confidence to possibly compete in the state pageant in Feb 2013.    There were 11 contestants and they all were judged on their interview skills, outfits, confidence and general presentation.   A major perk of being there was I finally got to meet and chat with Jessica Kane of SKORCH Magazine.  It was a lovely afternoon event and I can't wait to go to the state pageant in February.

Miss Plus Elite Brianna Manning 

With Latasha- Event Coordinator 

Jessica Kane and I (I totally stole the bottom pic from her Instagram!)

Getting to spread the word about Chubby Cartwheels!

Contestants and current pageant winners

Much Love!

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  1. You are just too cute! Those glasses even add to the cuteness ^_^

  2. The dress in the third picture is fab! (I do know it wasn't your's, because you didn't take credit for it.) :)

    Any chance you might dress contestants in future pageants?

  3. You look so cute and this looks so exciting!