November 24, 2012

The Mighty Mesh Bodysuit!

An exciting new piece has joined the Chubby Cartwheels collection!  The Mesh Bodysuit!  It comes in 6 different colors and sizes 1x-5x!  I was so excited to put this piece together.  Bodysuits were a big thing for me this year.  My Lace Bodysuits are the top selling item on my site and I wanted a way to create more opportunity to wear these versatile pieces so I found other fabrics to work with.

Color selection-
Black, Mint, White
Maroon, Purple, Royal Blue

Honestly I hadn't even thought about sheer stretchy mesh until my good friend Courtney of The Glitter Thread said she was interested in my lace bodysuit but didn't want what everyone else would already have.  She mentioned a black mesh and within a day I had found the perfect fabric for the job.  She has featured the bodysuit in 2 issues of SKORCH Magazine.   The most recent was in this months issue with her music inspired fashion post!

 I have of course made myself a bodysuit.  The best part about making your own clothes for a shop is you get to test out all the products before anyone else.  So I made myself one in a beautiful mint green.  I have managed to pair it with 2 different looks so far when going out.  One for the Gossip show I attended in October and one for the first PDX Fatshion meetup this past summer!  On both occasions I paired them with high waisted skirts and flats.  I felt so sexy and amazingly comfortable considering I was wearing a sheer top.  Something I know years ago I probably would not have dared to do but I am so glad I am at a place now where I can!

The bodysuits can be customized to fit different bodies.  For instance if you are wider in the hips and smaller in the chest,  if you have a longer torso or are big in the bust, I can customize your pattern to fit you and your body.  Having experienced it all my life I never want someone to feel like their size is limiting their style.

So visit for your mesh bodysuit!!

Much Love!

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  1. You are full out genius!!! Off to tell the VOLUP2 fans now....
    XO Velvet

  2. OMG, gorgeous! I need a mint green bodysuit in my life!

  3. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove

  4. Such a cool piece, I wish ordering from the US wouldn't be so complicated and expensive, I would looove to get my hand on a black one :)

    1. I try to make shipping internationally as affordable for my customers as possible. I know how international rates can be insane. If you need any info on shipping to where you are let me know! I would love to help you however I can. :)

  5. These are adorable and I want one in 3 colours already. Santa, are you listening? :)