January 26, 2013

January Clothing Swap!

I love this amazing fat fashion community we have formed in Portland.  With more people joining for every event I'm only wishing we had started it sooner.  Today's even was hosted by Nicole in her lovely home.  We had by far the biggest turn out.   SO MUCH CLOTHING!  I walked away with a wicked cute polk dot nighty, hoodie, grey/blue tank, black cardigan and so much more!
 Everyone helped to stock the kitchen full of amazing goodies to eat plus about 10 or more bottles of champagne.   Can't wait till our next event. :)

Outfit Details-
 Tank- Torrid (bought on Fattoo)
Skirt- DIY
Over the Knee Leggings- Domino Dollhouse
Belt- ReDress

Our host Nicole and I

Our model pose.

Rachele from Near Sighted Owl!  She's such a doll.

The anti-model pose.

Packed house!  (Rachele's picture)

Looks fabulous dahling.

Much Love!

Twitter: @ChubbCartwheels
Instagram- @ChubbyCartwheels


  1. I love swaps and yours looks great! I am looking to do another in my area at a venue with a zine fair and cupcake stand :D It is so great when fat ladies come together on one space and share a day of positivity for clothes and body :) Cant wait to see your items! X

  2. Hahaha, I'm dying over here. Looooooved the non-model-pose! That's how a lot of my selfies turn out at the end. As usual - a pleasure to read your blog! :D

  3. The swap looked like an awesome time. Love the non-model poses!

  4. How wondeful, we don't do anything cool like that here in NJ!

  5. oh cool that is so awesome that you have a fat fashion clothing swap!!! I wish we had that in Vienna, people here are really emberassed to be fat, it's exhausting! I'd love to make an event like this, but nobody would show up, lol. anyway i love it and you look lovely. love the anti model pose! :)


  6. Wow. I kind of wish I lived in Portland!

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