March 09, 2013

Leather & Spikes and Everything Nice

Ok maybe more like faux leather.  But this dress was a project I had been putting together for a while and I finally had an occasion that would let me show it off.  Leather skater skirts are all the rage right now which I love but I figured why stop at a skirt?  This was my first bodice attempt I have ever made and it's still taking some getting used to as far as making and measuring but i think it turned out pretty good for my frist try!  Once all the sewing was done and it was put together it looked great but it was lacking in just that little extra that accessories weren't going to fix on their own.  Boom!  Spikes.  The dress was done.  So off with my friends to Sugar Town I went where I felt so sexy and proud.

OOTD Details-
Leather Dress- DIY 
Spikes from
Shoes- Payless


Much Love!

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  1. What an amazing dress! For a first bodice attempt, it's fantastic!

  2. Are you going to sell these in your store?? If so I want one!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. amazing dress and amazing person :-)

    kisses from germany!


  4. I recently sewed spikes on my faux leather jacket and I love it. Well done, this looks cool.

  5. So amazing, I love the dress and you look so pretty in it :)

  6. you look great shawna!! and congrats on the dress, you really should be proud. bodices are so hard i quit learning how to sew once i got to that point!! haha!

  7. please tell me you're going to be selling that dress because its perfect!! I love everything you make!!

  8. Love the edgy look! The dress goes so well with your hair.

  9. Oh wow! THIS IS AMAZING! So so so in love with that dress, you rock it! Well done!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress. I need one red faux leather :D LOVE it. Fabulous look, lady! :D

  11. That dress is amazing! I'm about your size, and I'm always terrified of strapless tops. Just looking at that bodice gives me nightmares! Rolling, drooping, slipping...I have to know, does it stay put? If so, I want one just like it!!

  12. Chrome tanned top-grain leather. The leather is a called a covering (no get done) with aniline color mixed inside the skin.