March 14, 2013

Spring '13 eShakti Review

This is my first review for eShakti and I am glad that I can post such a positive review for this shop.  I know quite a few ladies who have been ordering from them for a while now, all of which have been very satisfied customers.  I wasn't sure about sizing, again since I am a size 32, the higher the size goes the more difficult finding garments can be.  But when they emailed me offering a free item from their site I figured there was no better time to test it all out.

I choose this fun metallic button a-line dress in mustard yellow.  I am obsessed with yellow for spring.  When I have black hair yellow wasn't the best fitting color option for me but now with my pink/red hair yellow seems to be my best fashion friend.

I thought about giving my personal measurements for the most perfectly fit dress I could possibly get but in the end went for their standard size 6x.  I do love how you can customize your skirt length and sleeves on your top or dress too.  Next time I might try the below the knee length for my skirt.

When my dress arrived and I pulled it out of the package I noticed the fabric was a non stretch cotton.  Something I never wear for lack of give and movement.  I am a fan and almost a slave to stretchy and comfortable clothes.  But when I tried this dress on it was heaven sent.  I felt like I might as well have given them my measurements because the dress fit me absolutely perfectly!  My first thought was do I have any tea parties or spring events to attend because this is what I will be wearing!

I wish I had known about this site when I got married back in 2010 because all of my bridesmaids were plus size and in a variety of shapes, sizes and heights.  This site would have been a godsend for that.  But for anyone on the look out for bridal party dresses check out their new Bridesmaids line!

eShakti nailed it with this dress and is offering a 20% off coupon code for you to grab something fabulous for yourself!  Use the code WHENNDBTWE towards your purchase good through March 20th!

Much Love!

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  1. Love it, love it, love it!! I'm glad you're finding out just how amazing eShakti is!! And of course you look like a dreamboat in this dress!!


  2. love this on you shawna!! xo

  3. You're absolutely georgous, and the dress is amazing!

    Florence xx

  4. Hey, Shawna! Love your blogs! Fellow fat chick here! :)
    I've been checking out eShakti for a while now and really want to
    purchase a dress -- problem is I can't seem to pick just one!
    But I do have a question about your experience -- Ive noticed that
    my measurements for my usual size according to eShakti's chart are a tad
    small compared to other places I've shopped. With your dress, did you find that their
    sizing runs small at all?

    1. Awesome! As for their sizing the bust area on my dress vs my size was pretty spot on but waist and hip wise it's hard to say because my dress is pretty open and flowing under the bust. Most of the other ladies I know who have ordered say they are rather true to size. Make sure to check and see if the fabric has stretch to it too. I feel that always helps with sizing. At least it makes me feel a bit more relaxed about if it's a few inches off.

  5. Adorable dress and thanks for the code - I just scored an adorable military style 3/4 sleeve cardigan for $19.96 (plus shipping) after registering as a new customer (for a $25 off code) and using the 20% off code above. Nothing this girl loves more than a great deal! :)

  6. Why o why does eshakti still not shipp to Europe?! I do love their concept so much and have read so many satisfied and great reviews, it would be so cool...

    The dress is really nice and you are looking suoer pretty in that color :)

    1. I agree! They really should be shipping all over. I think if enough people write to them they might change their minds. :)

  7. Megamegamegamegamegasuper babe!!

    This yellow is divine, I'm gonna need to check this site out!

    K xo

  8. you look gorgeous,the gress is so cute!!
    would you like to follow each
    other, I always follow back :)

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  10. just happend upon your blog and just had to say your fine as hell

  11. You are adorable, esp in this dress