April 15, 2013

Little Plaid Dress

Well with my last eShakti dress a raging success I took some discount codes and got myself another fabulous dress!  I feel all sorts of retro int this piece. The cut makes me think I belong in Pleasantville.  Once again the cut is great.  It has capped sleeves which are new and I have rather large arms so the fit is just ever so slightly tight there but not enough for me to uncomfortable and not enjoy wearing the crap out of this.  I also like that it's lined so it has a slightly heavier weight to it unlike my last mustard dress.   Once again eShakti has won me over!

Much Love!

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  1. Loooooovee it & you!!!! You posts always make me smile & happy that i follow such a talented, beautiful & stylish lady! Thank you x

  2. Super cute dress, super cute you! x

  3. You are looking so beautiful and pretty... a woman to dream about!!! My big compliments...

  4. Looks great! I also have the same dress and love love love it!