May 10, 2013

Instagram Insanity

Just some Instagram photos from lately.  Showing off fashion, purchases, makeup, friends and whatever else.   You can find me on Instagram as @chubbycartwheels.  Hard to guess huh?

New Domino Dollhouse accessories.

In love with my new yellow liquid eyeliner from Klean Colors.

New Doctor Who cell phone cases!

I'm a 90's bitch.

Craft sale in a bar.  Best combo.

Pink hombre hair.

My purse/bag collection.

With my Chubby Cartwheels Model and friend Leigh on her birthday!

Vintage fabric finds!!

My bestie doing mah huuur.

More Domino Dollhouse accessories!

Crystal and I cleaning Mid-K Beauty out!

New bodysuit for the shop!

Plump Polish!!

 Much Love!

Twitter: @ChubbCartwheels
Instagram- @ChubbyCartwheels


  1. that bodysuit!!!! OH LOVE IT!

    1. Thank you!! I hope to have them available on the site within a week! I am so not tech savvy. lol

  2. I love the cross earrings! And you look fabulous :]

  3. I really love your cat eye glasses!!!
    ALSO, That yellow eyeliner is sooooo cute! :D
    Where did you get the doctor who phone cases from (the starry night one)? :D

  4. Oh! I love your bag collection and that new bodysuit is amazing!

  5. I have got to give Domino Dollhouse a try. I keep hearing such great things and I love their aesthetic.

    Also, your hair is BOMB. I'm treating myself to dark purple ombre for my birthday in a month or two. - a plus(h) size fashion blog
    Recent Post: Mint Madness!

  6. I love your nail polishes so much! And those iphone cases are just amazing. You are so beautiful(:

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  8. LOVE IT ALL you are such a babe xx

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