May 04, 2013

Summer 2013 Picks

I have some random but absolutely amazing pieces from several shops that I am in love with for summer.    These are all on my wish list if they were in my size range and budget but mostly size range.  

This incredible bathing suit from Nakimuli is all I can think about when I day dream of Chunky Dunk days at the pool.  The combination of mesh, a bright colored pattern and the black shinny spandex create a sexy curve on the body.   
 Domino Dollhouse's Nuclear collect part 1 is out and live!  The amazing prints Tracy Broxterman has given us for this collection scream summer.  My favorite piece however is in part 2 of the collection coming out next.  The Mesh sleeve jacket.  IT WILL BE MINE!  Stretchy body and mesh sleeves to keep me cool on warm summer nights.  I can't wait.

Not sure if you notice a pattern going on here but I am craving bold patterns and bright colors this summer.  And Rue 107 is not lacking in any of that.  If I am really honest I would put the whole site on this page if we are going off of what I would get.  But here are some top faves.

Forever21's polka dot raceback dress has me giddy.  While I drool for in your face prints and cuts there is always something great about a fun semi simple but still unique summer dress.  Easy to pair with most any shoes and accessories.

And last but never least ASOS Curve continues to bring out amazing pieces that I would give anything to have my wardrobe.  I feel like I am the only fat girl without a leather jacket these days.  As my husband says I have football player shoulders.  So most any jacket made for a woman, even a plus size one, won't fit me.  But if I could get one this is the cut and style I would want.  

This skirt!!  What can I say about it besides this could be the best thing ever.  A thick gold band at the bottom of a grey skater skirt is the focal point for this piece and even more I would think for the whole look.  In this picture I love how everything else is kept simple and I would do the same.  Only on some occasions do I think less is more.

Much Love!

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