August 01, 2013

90's Inspired

When EIC of SKORCH Magazine, my dear friend Tiffany, said she was going to have a 90's themed issue I was thrilled!  She shares my love of 90's fashion which I adore about her.  I was asked if I could make some pieces for the Clueless themed shoot and it was all I could do not just to just say yes right then and there.  The icing on the cake was I would be making the clothes for Tess Munster one of my favorite plus size models. On top of that I created 3 different bathing suits for a separate shoot but still for the 90's issue. Once we planned out what I would be sending her my next task was to plan out my own 90's inspired outfit for the bloggers fashion post section.

I had recently been vintage fabric shopping and came across some amazing prints.  One struck me as very 90's flower power that was at the time inspired by the 60's floral trend.  So that fabric turned into a full skirt that I paired it with my bright yellow velvet bodysuit from my shop!  Add my platform (former mary jane) shoes, neon yellow and pink vinyl purse, cross earrings from Domino Dollhouse and vintage Lennon glasses I think I pulled together a look that is retro inspired from several era's but is also something that I can wear out and about today.

OOTD Detail
Yellow Bodysuit- Chubby Cartwheels
Floral Skater Skirt- DIY (Fabric from House of Vintage)
Tights- OneStopPlus (1x-7x)
Shoes- Hot Topic (1999)
Cross Earrings- Domino Dollhouse
Purse- Forever21
Vintage Lennon Glasses- Fat Fancy

Much Love!

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Instagram- @ChubbyCartwheels


  1. Gorgeous! That skirt is perfection!!

  2. This is outrageously cute. I love so much that you always rock the bright colors so well!

  3. obsessed with you/obsessed with this look. i <3 u!

  4. Shawna, I love you/this so so so much!!!!


  5. Super Cute! I love the floral print.

    I saw that purse and it reminded me of a purse I had in High School. I love the bright green.

  6. this is the cutest skirt! i'm so jealous of your hair! <3

  7. The belt! Where did you get the belt! Im having a hell of a time trying to find belts for my large 28w middle :(

    1. I got it at a clothing swap but I believe it originally came with a dress from Catherine's or Avenue.

  8. Thank you for shiwing the world that big is sexiy. Thank you. :)

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