August 07, 2013

Left out but not forgotten

I helped my mom clear out her house, garage and shed for a garage sale and it's had me cleaning out my place as well.  Including cleaning out my external hard drive.  When doing so I can across a few OOTD pictures I never posted and figured I could combine them all together for one big post.

These were originally for a SKORCH Magazine bloggers post.  It was high fashion themed but I just didn't think it worked at the time.  I'm regretting it now. 

This outfit was from last winter.  I had taken some colored bootcut jeans from OneStopPlus and  tried to turn them into skinny jeans since at my size I can't buy them.  They didn't turn out as I had hoped and combined with the oversized high-low top from ASOS it just didn't feel "right". However once this heat wave is over I might give the jeans another shot but with a different top.  I can't give up on them!  I mean I spent hours changing them and adding massive gold pyramid spikes.   To be fair though my hair and my spiked crown from ASOS were looking fabulous.

This was an outfit I liked in theory but once I put it on it just didn't feel very me.  I love wearing this lave sleeve sweatshirt from Torrid on it's own without an undershirt.  I am a walking heater so that probably plays into why I lack the ability to layer.  Don't feel bad if you can't layer either.  You are not alone.  The jeans are however fantastic and from OneStopPlus.  If you can't tell thats where I get all my jeans.  If you are ok with bootcut then this is your place!  I also wanted to show off my favorite accessory purchase from Domino Dollhouse.  This black studded backpack.  It holds so much and I was honestly worried that for the price it would be a bit cheap or break easily but I have tested its strength and it's quality! 

And I LOVED these pictures my friend Nicole took of me in the studio in my favorite eShakti dress.  The colors of the dress combined with my hair were perfect.  I feel like these better represent the dress on me than in my post.  Also can we talk about how much I look like a fat redheaded Junior from the Sopranos? 

Much Love!

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  1. I love love love the silver and black outfit! The metallic fabric and velvet look awesome together, especially against your pink hair. :-)

  2. I love that dress! Where did you get the cat eyeglasses you are wearing in that photo?

    1. They are from by Derek Cardigan. :)