November 22, 2013

My Beauty Products

I get asked a lot about the beauty products that I use so I figured I would put the basics down in a blog post for future reference.  I don't have a specific brand that I only use, I tend to pull from all over the board.  These will be the two looks I'm listing products from today.

So starting with the obvious and craziest part of my look would be my hair.  I now use Ion Color Brilliance in red,  This is available in Sally's Beauty Supply all across the US.  A tube of this color will run you about $5-6.  I have very long hair so I need 2 bottles to cover it all.  Bleaching is necessary but it's worth it.  One thing that is great about this is you can leave the color in for hours.  The only timer to watch is the bleach but this color I would leave on for at least an hour to get a strong coat going.  The color in this photo below is pretty true to what you will get which is fantastic!  It's exactly what I want for look.

Next is my foundation.  Now up till about 2 years ago I was a drugstore makeup shopper.  I tried almost any brand I could and they would be great for a while but after a few months I felt like they just weren't giving me the full coverage I wanted.  I have uneven skin tones and dark spots by my eyes that I like to cover up.  I was given a gift certificate to MAC for my birthday and when talking to the wonderful woman at the counter expressing my desire for a solid cover she recommended Studio Fix Fluid. It runs about $27.00 per bottle but a little goes a long way.  I know this isn't a major beauty secret for those into makeup but I absolutely just LOVE this foundation.  Applied with MAC's Duo Fibre face brush, the best $42 dollars you will spend on a brush when cleaned regularly,  gives me fabulous coverage without caking it on.  I used to be a sponge girl but once I used the duo fibre brush I was sponge no more.
NC15 is my foundation color as I am a pasty Northwest girl who avoids tanning like the plague and I love it.

Eyeliner is where I differ from a lot of people.  Ever since I was about 20 I've been using Wet'n'Wild's black liquid eyeliner.  It's cheap and simple.  I like the skinny brush it comes with to help with precise application for my favorite wingtip look.  Running at about $1.99 at most all drugstores this is great and affordable to have in your purse and at your house for quick fixes or applications.  Not to mention the color variations available.  I have them all.  What a surprise.

Blush is something I didn't think about too much.  Find a color close to what I want and call it a day.  Till my good friend Danielle gave me some NYX Blush in Desert Rose and it changed the game.  It pairs well with my skin tone, my hair at any color and is $5.00!!  This container she gave me lasted well over a year and I love my blush.  I use it daily.  Quite a great value for the product you are getting.

Last but not least by any means my lipstick.  I have 2 colors I wear way more than any other colors and I have a lot of lipsticks.  I've worn nude versions from dozens of brands and MAC got me again.  Their color Honeylove is so perfect.  A nice clean matte color that goes well for a day of running errands and for going out with friends.  If you are a nude lipstick fan and haven't given this a go, please hit up your MAC counter and do so.  
For a bolder look and what I get asked about most in pictures online is my dark lipstick color Diva once again by MAC.  I'm all about matte lipsticks and this is perfect for adding a bit of drama to my face.   I will say it's a color you want to get a as close to matching lipliner for.  I bought mine at a cheap beauty supply store for $0.99 and it makes all the difference.  Bold colors deserve liners. That's all I'm saying. 

Last minute thought to add in was my hairspray. Instant Freeze by Aussie.   I saw Jessica Kane post about it once and I went right out and bought it.  Sure enough it will hold your hair in place.  Available at stores like Target, Fred Meyers, Walgreens and Ulta.

I have tons of other makeups that I love to use.  More special occasion colors so I plan on doing more makeup updates along with fashion, events and even featured bloggers and shops.  Thanks for stopping by!

Much Love!

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