February 05, 2014

Kleancolor 12 Lipsticks Review

So one night I was surfing the net looking for a fabulous dark blue lipstick.  I wasn't up for spending lots of money on a lip color I probably wouldn't wear often except special occasions and I just don't like to pay a ton for makeup beyond basics like foundation.
I stumbled across this Ebay sale that had 12, count that, 12 lipsticks for less than $17 and free shipping.  The brand is Kleancolor and I have bought their products before from Mid-K Beauty.  If anyone remembers my favorite yellow liquid eyeliner.

That would be Kleancolor as well.  Inexpensive,  not the highest of quality but there is always such a variety of colors that I rarely find elsewhere for the price.  It was meant to be.  I quickly ordered the lot and made the collection mine.

I was warned from another lady who bought them that there was a strong chemical smell which had me worried but when they arrived I didn't notice a massive scent. There is a scent, don't get me wrong but it's not chemical and it's not by any means overpowering or too much for me.  So I tried on all of the lip colors to see if they would actually look like the amazing color variety they came in.  To my amazement the colors were really close to how they appear in the package.  The texture is very slick and as I'm sure you can guess it will come off easily with food or drink but with a good retouch every so often you should be fine.  I wore the dark blue "After Hours" out all day and only reapplied it maybe twice.  Which for me is pretty good.
If you are a high quality makeup girl these might not be the lipsticks for you.  But if you are looking for fun colors to play with this spring and summer and aren't too picky with brands long lasting ability I really suggest you drop a few dollars on this collection and just have at it.  Why not really.  

Here is a link to buying it on Ebay if you are interested.  If they for some reason sell out search on google for 'kleancolor 12 lipsticks' and Im sure you will find another online store selling them.  The lipstick pictures are paired in 4's with the name of the color in the bottom right corner and under all the preview pics is the same lip colors paired into the same groups of 4.  Hope that all makes sense.

Much Love!

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