May 05, 2014

Like Tears in Rain- Domino Dollhouse Dress

If it hasn't ever been apparent in the past how much I love Domino Dollhouse, let me just say it again.  I love them so very much!  Tracy is so talented and just a blessing to the plus size fashion community.  Each of her collections is unique from the previous but always on trend and making people post memes like this.  I've personally done it several times.

Their newest arrivals over at the Dollhouse is the Pagan Poetry collection.  Part 1 was released in early April and it was all I could do not to just drop an entire paycheck there.  My two biggest must haves were the Like Tears in Rain Dress (which I am wearing in this post) and this amazing blue plaid dress that I can't find the name to curently but it was in the preorder section for part 1 of the collection.  So glad I ordered when I did!

I am waiting for my plaid dress to arrive but it should be here in a couple weeks.  However the cloud dress arrived last week and I KNEW an outfit post had to be done asap.  I kept it all pretty simple because the dress itself draws so much focus from it's gorgeous pattern.  I paired it with some grey converse and my hands down favorite hair accessory,  quartz crystal crown!  Added perk, this dress fits like a dream.   It's comfortable and has a great amount of coverage in the skirt.  The wind blew quite hard when I was taking these photos and not once did I worry about flashing my neighbors.  Hooray for that!

OOTD Details-
Like Tears in Rain Dress- Domino Dollhouse
Shoes- Converse
Quartz Crystal Crown- Fancy Lady Industries


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