December 16, 2014

Falling For Fashion

I feel like in Portland we had a brief moment of fall but have already moved into winter weather which makes me glad I had a chance to wear this outfit while I could. And even though I didn't make everything in this outfit I for sure altered each piece to be molded more for my style.
I'm enjoying my blonde hair with dark rooms at the moment even though I know it won't be sticking around for long. But I feel like this is how I wish I could have dressed when I was in middle school and it was all grunge everyday here in the pacific northwest circa 1994.
Swap my scifi/fantasy themed graphic tee for an old band shirt and it's not far off. I took a black stretch denim jacket from SWAK and added leopard print arms and a hood. It is quite possibly my favorite article of clothing. My shirt is a Coexist shirt but with a twist. Rather than religions it's Star Wars, Doctor Who and X-Files icons or symbols spelling the word out and it's just the best design ever. Pairing the black denim jacket with my black denim short from One Stop Plus that were full length jeans that I just couldn't keep so. They have a high front and back rise making it so I can actually have high waisted shorts! At my size that's an amazing thing.  Under the shorts as my burgundy tights from One Stop Plus as well. I swear by these. They are thick, stretchy and come two to a pack. I love them. Obviously my black studded boots from Torrid were a must and then my Black cat purse from Red N Bold. It's just so perfect! I feel like I could go from running errands to a night out at a karaoke bar with my friends.

Casual, comfortable but also one of a kind. I know I won't see another fat girl wearing this anywhere near me. And I sometimes kind of love that.

If you want to add sleeves and hoods to vests, tops, jackets or anything here is a great tutorial that will help you create them.  Very easy to follow and make.  

OOTD Details- Denim Vest Before Altered- SWAK / Sci-fi Coexist Tee- Neatoshop / Cutoff Shorts- One Stop Plus / Tights- One Stop Plus / Boots-Torrid / Cat Clutch- Red N Bold


  1. Very unique and 'you', and aren't those some of the best OOTDs! I love that pocketbook - matches my two "Katz" :)

  2. oh my goodness gracious, I love that shirt, I love that purse, I'm loving everything about this!!


  3. Be my fashion fairy god mother please??