February 17, 2015

Diet Industry Dropout

So a while back I saw a shirt on a site that said Dropout and  I thought this is really missing something.  Like what are you a dropout of?  Then I asked myself if I was a dropout of anything what would it be?  And it hit me.  I am a Diet Industry Dropout.

The meaning behind this phrase isn't to insult anyone or to sound superior.  But to proclaim that I, as an individual, have decided to not let a multi billion dollar a year industry play with my emotions, self esteem and body image like a puppet.  Growing up I was was fully engulfed in this media machine.  Being gifted all the new fad diet books, having gym memberships bought form me,  actually ordering diet pills,  being forced to join Weight Watchers and crying myself to sleep because none of it worked and clearly everyone one and everything was telling me how I looked was wrong.  And after trying all those supposed solutions  I was still fat.

Thank god for the internet and a thriving community of body and size advocates who can spread the good word of self love and give you real facts that aren't sponsored by diet companies.  I don't even get how that is legal but it is.  The major change from then to now is that I don't let anyone, let alone a corporation dictate how I feel and what I think about myself.  I make sure to surround myself with positive people, who love me how I am, no matter how I am or what I weigh.   I don't want to spend my time and money feeling bad because I can't live up to an impossible expectation of what someone else says is beautiful or acceptable.  I want to live my life how I want and enjoy it.  To not feel bad about it.  So I am here to proudly proclaim that I am a Diet Industry Dropout.

These shirts will be available in my shop www.chubbycartwheels.com in unisex sizes 1x-5x.

Twitter: @ChubbCartwheels
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