February 01, 2015

Fashion February

It is February 1st and apparently this is the month to document all of your fabulous outfits daily.  Oh so the interwebs has told me.  So I figured why not have a go at it and try to document as much as I can.  Knowing myself I'll manage about 5 looks all month because I work from home so I am usually sporting yoga pants, converse and some graphic tee.  Not going to say some of those piece won't be making it into these posts but I will try hard to experiment more with looks.

My first look has literally nothing from my own shop.  I know.  Shocker.  Torrid recently had their Haute Cash sale and I had to grab a few new pieces.  I feel like I have been good about getting rid of old clothing I never wear anymore or that I just never wore to begin with so splurging a bit would be ok.  I saw this plaid chiffon duster and thought, I never wear anything chiffon, I never wear anything long like this for a top, I should take the fashion risk.  Well it paid off.  While it doesn't fit perfectly in all areas (fabric does not stretch so it literally won't button over my belly) it buttons up in certain places so I wore it open with some black skinny jeans, a tank and some converse.  Perfect for my day out and about with my husband.  I just wish it wasn't raining here today.

Lipstick- Creature from Colour Pop / Diet Industry Dropout Necklace- Coming soon to Chubby Cartwheels

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  1. You're beautiful. Love the necklace! :)

  2. This is great! I never stop over at torrid anymore, it's just too pricey, plus steep Canadian shipping on top has all been a deterrent. But I REALLY dig this duster!

    I personally thing it look really good with only a couple buttons.


    1. Thank you! Yeah I figured even if only one button worked it would still be hella cute. Im glad you like it! Just search for those coupon codes and befriend a US person and they can help out with shipping! ;) I do it for my friends up north.

    2. Clever clever!! my sister is actually living down there for 18 months, I should be taking advantage of that, derp! :)

  3. Best necklace ever and I love the top! A plaid duster, yes please!

  4. I love how you look sometimes judge me by my appearance but there are people like you that make me feel good about myself and really desmuestras is not hard to look good so thanks for giving me encouragement :)