May 15, 2015

My Fabulous Not So Tiny Tutu

I was gifted this fabulous tulle skirt by the lovely Jessica Kane and the shop Cool Gal Blue.  Let me just tell you I have be lusting after a tulle skirt for years now but never did I find one that was in anything above a 3x and one that would be affordable because honestly. a custom piece commissioned on Etsy seemed to start around $150.  This little piece of dream here, not only is in my favorite frigging color, it comes in sizes 1x-6x and is also only $65.00!  I mean seriously. You can't beat that!  The skirt is lined with a smooth matching satin like fabric with different weights of tulle layered on top to create a fun and full look but giving you total coverage.

I have a big wedding I am going to this summer and I will be wearing this little gem to it.  Probably minus my all time favorite F*ck Flattering tee from Gisela Ramirez I bought years back but possibly paired with a lightweight white button down tee and statement necklace.  The possibilities for it are endless really.  Thank you Cool Gal Blue!  I feel like a pastel princess.

Outfit Details- Tutu skirt- Cool Gal Blue / Crop Top- Gisela Ramirez / Tights- OneStopPlus


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  1. You look FANTASTIC!! The colour of this tutu is sooo pretty!! I heard it's coming in black at some point too, I wanna get my paws on it!

    and whoa ^^^^ bitter, judgmental and close-minded much?!! When I got married, I invited the people I truly wanted to to share the day with, because they are special to me and I would never judge them on what they chose to wear. I was happy that the people I invited came and reveled with my husband and myself on our special day! I can't say I even took notice of what anyone was wearing, as the day was a blur of excitement, love and stress!

    I think this, paired with the right top, is going to be a stellar look for a wedding!


  2. Your so sexy I wish you were my girl.honest. Every fit you wear girl it's amazing. :-) keep the sexy going :-)