August 20, 2015

eShakti Dress For Fall

I have been buying from eShakti for years but only recently had enough money to splurge on some serious pieces.  I am going to a wedding in England this fall for my father in law and their wedding is blue and white themed.  I knew I wanted a long skirt for the dress but wasn't sure where to turn.  eShakti was having a 50% off the entire site sale so naturally I went there!  I managed to grab 2 dresses, a pair of black pants and a strop button down top.  I will post about the other pieces later but first the floral embellished poplin maxi!

I really loved the adjustable sleeves.  You can tie them tighter or wear them longer and loose.  It comes with pockets, as all eShakti dresses and I LOVE THAT!  The fabric itself isn't stretchy but the waist band part is sewn with elastic so it stretches for a comfortable and adjustable waistline.
I seriously love this dress and now plan on getting more floor length dress from them now that I know how they fit and hang.  And this dress was originally $98.00 but is now $48.95!  Get it while it's still available!

Outfit Details-  Dress- eShakti / Purse- Target / Glasses-

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  1. Dang, looking at it on the mannequin I never would have clicked on it, but seeing it on you I'm like I WANT THAT DRESS! It looks great with your hair, too. Love it!

  2. Super gorgeous and oh-so-glam! xx

  3. That is a great dress! One of these days I'm gonna treat myself to a few pieces of theirs.