September 04, 2015

Cool Gal Comfort

I am becoming more and more aware about the fact that as I grow older I have a very set style I stick to.  Comfortable.  Reassured by the fact that I always see designers at their fashion shows wearing all black pieces when they pop out from behind the curtain at the end of the show, I know it will be ok to be involved in fashion but to not always follow strict rules for my personal style.

I got a package in the mail from the fabulous people at and to my surprise it was this fabulous Ivory colored Skorch Cover crop top!  Now I normally am not a fan of whites and similar shades but this was literally the perfect piece for me to dip my toes in with it!  It pairs SO easily with a variety of clothes and accessories.  Pants, shorts, skirts short and long.  My dread outfit to wear this with would be a black trouser pant and matching black blazer for a monochrome dream come true.  So as soon as I got it, tried it on, I was sold and on the computer telling some friends of mine about it as well.
This top comes in 3 different colors, ivory, coral and black. Available in sizes 12-34!  The stretch is fantastic.  The fabric weight is thick enough to create structure for the top while still having a good amount of give for flexibility and comfort.  I just MAY have to get the black one of these as well.  They are a frigging steal at $24.99!

I paired this top with my ultimate favorite palazzo pants from SWAK Designs.  They are possibly one of my favorite go to pieces right now.  Again with the comfort, I know.   But they are extremely affordable, durable (I've had my pair for a while and they are still in great shape) and they have a wide folding waistband that when unfolded have the most amazing coverage.  Like it goes up to my bra.  It's fantastic.

The floral mesh robe is just a piece I made for the Alley33 fashion show here in Portland I had some of the clothes from my shop Chubby Cartwheels in.  I love it so much as it's long, flowy and super comfortable but still stylish.  I am considering selling them even though I only have enough for about 3 or maybe 4.

All in all I could live in this outfit.  I call it the "I Work From Home and Demand Comfort But Still Want To Look Hot and Chic" outfit. :)

Outfit Details- Crop Top- / Palazzo Pants- / Floral Robe- Coming soon to / Shoes- Converse.

Twitter: @ChubbCartwheels
Instagram- @ChubbyCartwheels


  1. I love this. Now I totally want to shop, but I spent all my clothes money on mermaid leggings from Chubby Cartwheels :)

  2. The robe is amazing! I like the style of the top too but thinking coral might be color I really dig it in.

  3. I love it! I'd want it in all the colors, because I'm indecisive like that.

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