November 27, 2015

New Chubby Cartwheels Fall/Winter Collection

I am super happy to announce my new pieces have gone live today!  The Fall/Winter 2015 Collection.  It's must smaller and subtle than previous collections but I wanted to put out something a little different.  I had the most gorgeous and lovely models Saucy West and Leigh Richards who are very different in size, shape and looks so I could showcase how all the pieces would looks on different bodies.  I hope you enjoy it!

November 18, 2015

Rebdolls Review

You are seeing the name everywhere.  Rebdolls is gracing the cover of Skorch Magazine and being worn by all the top bloggers and fashionistas in the game.

And I was told that not long ago they extended their sizes to go up to 5x in most pieces I believe.  So when I heard this I realized I needed to get my hands on some of their clothes.  I wanted to know what the fit was going to be like on people my size and shape so not only could I find out if this would be a new favorite shopping site, but so I could also let the larger sized fatties out there know if they are covered.

I picked out their Cuddle Ready Crop Turtleneck and Longline Midi Skater Skirt in black.  My first ever midi skirt as well.  I have the shortest legs for someone my height (5'7) so skirts always looks different on my body.

When they arrived I couldn't put them on fast enough.  The skirt I had to order in a 4x as the 5x was sold out.  I was praying it would fit me still as it has an elastic waist band and lucky for me it totally fit!  Granted I was wearing it really high up on my body but thats how I would have worn the 5x too so it all worked out.  I actually loved the length.  Again, midi skirts are a new thing for me so comfort wise I wasn't sure how I was going to like it.  Thankfully I totally was into the look and will getting more in the future.

The top coming out of the package was SO CUTE.  The fabric is this super textured heather grey knit fabric.  I always worry with crops from other companies because my boobs are large and I always worry they wont be covered.  My fears were put to rest as they were well covered.  I bought the 5x in the top and it was a bit snug but mostly in the arms.  Now the fabric of the shirt isn't as stretchy as the skirt or a normal t-shirt would be so my guess is that would be why.  But if you have larger arms be aware it will be a big of a snugger fit.  Not impossible to wear or even uncomfortable, just snug.

The final product was great!  I felt very cute and stylish in these new pieces.  The fit was pretty good and I bet would be even better in a fabric that has more stretch than the turtleneck has.  So I am giving major approval for Rebdolls as far as the larger end of the size scale goes.  I can't wait to try more!

Details/ Turtleneck - Rebdolls / Midi Skirt - Rebdolls / Boots - Torrid / Purse - Target / Necklace - Pinked Flamingos / Glasses - Designer Derek Cardigan /

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