January 15, 2016

PDX Indie Plus

I was lucky enough to become good friends with some fabulous plus size bloggers Margot Meanie of MargotMeanie.com and Kobi Jae of HorrorKitschBitch.com recently.  Both are fabulous stylish, alternative fashion babes who are also very active in the body positive community.  So when they both planned a trip to Portland I knew we needed to have an event for them to see how great the Portland plus size fashion scene is.  Along with that I needed them to model some new pieces coming out too.  So I planned an event at a large  photography studio I had shot at many times before that had fantastic natural light, lots of space and would be selfie ready for any and all photos to be taken.

The weekend started with Claire of Copper Union hosting a karaoke night at the Voice Box which was amazing!  I never sing and I sang all night long with everyone.  Not particularly well but I did sing and have a great time.

I busied myself Satruday which finishing up pieces for the event and shoot.   Come Sunday morning I picked the ladies up at their Air BnB for the shoot.  I just loved shooting them because so much of their personality just shines through in their photos.  Unique style, bold prints, tattoos and big smiles.  It was amazing!   I just have to share some of my favorite photos from the shoot.

Needless to say the shoot was fantastic and I would have them model for me and my company any day of the week!

Immediately after the shoot was the event.  I asked several plus size designers from the PDX area to join me, Chubby Cartwheels, at the event and Hello Amelia, Copper Union and Size Queen all joined in!  We had a limited attendee list because of  the restricting space so I asked local fashion and body positive bloggers, models and activitst to join us at the event for a day of checking out and trying on the designs of our local plus size fashion.   I also asked everyone to tag photos with #pdxindieplus and these were some of the photos I found.
photo by Kobi Jae
photo by Alexa Danger
photo by HelloAmeliaPDX
photo by Rachelle Abellar
photo by Me!
photo by Bertha Pearl Size queen
photo by Me! :)
photo by Copper Union
photo by Bethany Tate
photo by Beth Olsen

There are just tons and tons of photos taken at the event but I can only make a blog post so long.  If you are interested in seeing more of the event check out it's hashtag #pdxindieplus on Instagram.  I had such a blast and look forward to putting on another one in the future!